Adoptable Camp Fire Cats

Adoptable Camp Fire Cats

We know you want to help and of course, many of these poor displaced kitties will be placed for adoption.

But not just yet.

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We still have work to do.

There are still people who haven’t been reunited with their cats. Every day we hear:

  • “I thought my cat surely died”
  • “‘They’ told me there were no more cats alive in Paradise that aren’t feral”
  • “I don’t have internet and am now finding that there are still many cats in shelters and still in the fire zone”

If you don’t believe it just ask Destene, a young teenager, about Mama Kitty. They were reunited on Friday after Mama Kitty had been with us for 38 days.

Here is Destene’s story as she told Audra Murphy:

“Destene was carrying Mama Kitty to the car when they heard an explosion and she jumped from her arms. They tried desperately to get her back and almost had her when there was another explosion and she ran under their house. Destene at first refused to leave stating that she would stay there and die trying to save her baby if she had to. Her dad was a voice of reason and told her ‘No one is dying here today’ They had to leave. Destene never gave up hope”

Until she thought there was no more hope.

Destene had initially searched all the shelters but was then told that there were no more cats being rescued by the lead sheltering organization as of December 22nd. Ironically, Mama Kitty was trapped that very night by the Camp Fire Pet Rescue and Reunification team. She was transferred to the Recovery Center on December 226th when our reunification efforts began in earnest.

Problem was Destene didn’t think any more cats were being rescued. That’s what she heard when she checked back with the organization. She gave up hope that Mama had survived the fire.

Until this week when a cousin said “I saw a picture online that looks like Mama!”

When Destene came to the Recovery Center Mama instantly recognized her and put her front paws on Destene’s shoulders and hugged her.

THIS is why we are NOT putting cats up for adoption after they’ve been with us for 30 days. We STILL have work to do to find people like Destene who have given up hope.

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How can you help? We are currently sheltering over 150 cats, 68 of which have been with us 30 days or longer. We need you:

  • Volunteer at one of our shelters
  • Volunteer in Paradise putting out food for cats still in the fire zone
  • Volunteer to do transport of cats between locations

Donations always are needed. Donate online or shop our Wish List at

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  1. Ingrid Louise Lephardt says:

    Hi my name is Ingrid I love to help! I really like to help unfortunately I am in LA, I am 55 yrs old disabled and cant drive, I wanted to foster kitties and also adopt 1 or 2

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