DYC Goes Home

DYC Goes Home

The #CampFire tragedy is continuing every day. There are so many cats who need our help. We are challenged with political powerplay greatly crippling our ability to help as many as we want and have the resources to. Each day we fight against that but in the meantime, we continue to do what we can. Sometimes, it’s one cat a time that we save. DYC (aka Damn Yellow Cat) is today’s save.

His story began last Saturday when his dad, Tom called begging us to help find a home for DYC. We spoke for an hour (yes, Tom likes to talk!). He shared that DYC was a community cat that he tried to shoo off his property for quite a long time. DYC persisted in that way that only cats can. Pretty soon he was part of the family. And loved. That was a number of years ago. Over the years Tom’s wife became ill. During her declining health, DYC spent many hours snuggling with her. Before she passed away she asked Tom to always take care of DYC.

No one could have predicted the devastation of the Camp Fire. Tom found himself in a position to have to make a decision to possibly break his promise. As we listened to Tom’s story of course we knew wanted to help. But then he described DYC. Old, cranky, will not stay indoors, and doesn’t like other cats. Adoption challenged to say the least! But our community of followers came shining through. Within a couple of hours of posting his story, we had multiple offers of a home for DYC. After talking with Robin she seemed the perfect fit. DYC arrived here on Tuesday.

He got the full slate of medical care this week (he’ll have to come back for his dental). Today Robin and DYC met for the first time. We think this a pretty good match. What do you think? Thank you for all the support, cheering, love, and energy that makes it possible for us to save cats like DYC. We couldn’t be happier for DYC and Robin.

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