Camp Fire Kittens Phoenix and Ash Available for Adoption

Camp Fire Kittens Phoenix and Ash Available for Adoption

UPDATE: The application period closed on December 12, 2018. We will announce Phoenix and Ash’s adoptive family soon!.

Two of the smallest and most resilient survivors of the Camp Fire are now available for adoption. Phoenix (orange) and Ash (black) were brought to FieldHaven’s emergency shelter after having been found in a wood burning stove in Concow.

Phoenix was singed, burned, and had no whiskers. His little brother was apparently unscathed. After watching Phoenix throw himself over the body of his brother throughout his first night in the shelter, it was surmised that this same behavior is what kept Ash from harm during the fire.

Their story was shared far and wide. You can read about it on Love Meow’s website.

These two feral kittens were turned over to FieldHaven by the property owner where they were discovered in order to find them a home. Through the loving care of our medical and foster teams, they are now healthy little purr machines ready to find a forever family.

There has been so much interest in adopting these two survivors that we are doing something a little different. We are accepting essays as to why applicants believe they are the best forever family for these kittens. Email the essay and other required information to [email protected]. The requirements are listed below.

  1. Applications will be accepted from 8 AM Friday, December 7 until 5 PM on Monday, December 10.
  2. The kittens will only be adopted together.
  3. The forever family must live in Northern California.
  4. Write a short essay on why you believe you are the best forever family for Phoenix and Ash.
  5. Include the following information in your email: full name, address, phone number, email, number and ages of humans in the home, any additional pets with ages in the home.

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