2006 Adoption Programs

2006 Adoption Programs

In 2006, FieldHaven Feline Center reached maximum capacity for housing adoptable felines. Our adoption numbers leveled out, even dropping slightly due in part to shifts in policy regarding homeless cats in the shelter at any given time to comply with stricter health protocols. This resulted in healthier animals, especially kittens. Because of this, we are now focusing on other programs aimed at serving our community and reducing the number of homeless cats and kittens in the long term.

Nevertheless, FieldHaven’s adoption programs remain active and are a primary function of the organization. In late 2006, we expanded our outreach adoption partnerships to include Petco in addition to PetSmart. Outreach adoptions accounted for nearly 70% of our adoptions in 2006.

Under the direction of FieldHaven’s shelter veterinarian, Roberta Peterson, DVM, minimum standards have been established for each cat or kitten to meet before being released for adoption, as part of our effort to ensure each animal is in good health at the time of adoption to minimize the chance it becoming post-adoption. Our strict medical protocols are applied to each cat at the time of intake and throughout its stay with FieldHaven.

In 2006, FieldHaven Feline Center became licensed by the California State Veterinary Board as a veterinary clinic. This license is provisional in that we are not a public clinic and are only authorized to treat our own shelter animals.

We also formalized our Adoption Follow-Up Protocol to include a minimum of three follow-up contacts with new adopters. Typically, the follow-up contacts are done at three days, three weeks, and three months, but additional contacts are made as needed. Adopters are encouraged to contact our adoption counselors at any time to discuss any questions or post-adoption questions they may have.

There are four area veterinarians who participate in our veterinary partnership program: Dr. Jyl’s Mobile Vet Connection, Cats Only Veterinary Hospital, Critter Creek Veterinary Hospital, and Bird and Pet Clinic of Roseville. They provide a complimentary post-adoption exam for each adopted cat or kitten.

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