Garfield – The Handicat

Garfield – The Handicat

Garfield and his new wheels donated by an anonymous volunteer.

Garfield came to FieldHaven last September as a 4-month old kitten who had not had use of his hind legs since birth. He quickly endeared himself to everyone at FieldHaven. When we first reported on Garfield we were pursuing possible avenues of chiropractic treatment and/or surgery to help Garfield gain use of his hind legs. We were disappointed to finally conclude that Garfield, while having some movement in his hind legs, will never have the control or strength to use them to walk.

However, Garfield’s not disappointed because he’s never known any other way to walk then to scoot around using his front legs and dragging his rear ones. We also were hoping to find Garfield a permanent forever home not even realizing the best possible home for him may be right here at FieldHaven! Where else could he have dozens of his own human-slaves to cater to his every whim? Garfield has no problem letting you know what he wants. A treat, to go outside and play in his outdoor pen, his favorite royal blue, crushed velvet pillow to sleep on each night or just some toys to play with. Garfield’s forever home is FieldHaven, no doubt about it.

A “wheelchair” cart has been donated to give Garfield greater mobility and we will soon start training him to use it. We haven’t gone without challenges in dealing with Garfield’s condition. He’s had several surgeries to deal with the challenges he faces with his handicap. His medical care is in the most capable hands of Dr. Jyl Rubin and her staff who have become just as attached to Garfield as we all have.

Watch for more updates on Garfield. There is some plans in the works for him to spread his special brand of inspiration beyond the walls of the Cat Trailer.

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