Feline Fanatics: Amanda Oldham

Feline Fanatics: Amanda Oldham

Matchmaker, Matchmaker, Find Me a Cat: Amanda Oldham

If you’re looking for the perfect feline partner, but just aren’t sure which is the right life pet partner for you, then you need to see Amanda. Amanda has the most uncanny ability to meet you, chat for a few minutes, and then point you to the perfect FieldHaven feline partner. Amanda adores cats and it shows in everything she does. She is experienced at Trap, Neuter, Return (TNR) and maintains a feral colony near her home. When volunteering at FieldHaven, she spends time with each cat and kitten, especially lavishing love on the shy ones. More than one semi-feral kitten has become adoptable because of Amanda’s love and patience. At her home, she fosters some of our most special needs kitties, nurturing them until they recover from illness or injury and can become adoptable. She nursed Mr. Carr, who was hit by a car and needed to be force fed for weeks while his jaw was wired shut to heal a fracture.

Currently, she’s medicating Cramer, who has a badly infected eye that he is in danger of losing. At the same time, she is weaning an orphaned kitten off a bottle. To watch Amanda in adoption mode is truly impressive. She listens to the potential adopter, describes the personality of each kitty, and makes suggestions on who might be a good match. She’s not afraid to discourage an adopter if she doesn’t feel they are ready to make the lifetime commitment to a FieldHaven Feline. It’s hard to believe that Amanda is only 12-years-old. She is cat-wise beyond her years. Amanda called FieldHaven last summer asking if we had a youth volunteer program after having been turned down by other rescues she contacted. We explained that we have a “partner” program where a parent and child can volunteer together. This has been a very successful program, and Amanda and her mom, Peri, are one of a number of partner teams we have volunteering at FieldHaven. Speaking of moms, we couldn’t end this without mentioning Peri, because behind every great daughter is a great mom at least in this case. Peri is as devoted to the cause as Amanda, and they are truly among our most valued volunteers. Peri is our Outreach Adoption Coordinator, and you’ll often find her and Amanda working side by side at PetSmart and other outreach adoptions.

If you are interested in volunteering at FieldHaven we don’t discriminate against age. Please contact us at (916) 434-6022 or [email protected]

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