A FieldHaven Adoption Story

Original Name: Xena Xray
Birthday: April 15, 2018
Came to FieldHaven: May 24, 2018
Adopted: June 23, 2018

Submitted by Sara L.

Sydney was the runt in a litter of four, found behind a dumpster. FieldHaven rescued her and fostered her out. Sara L. saw her photo online and anxiously waited on pins and needles until the day that Sydney would be released for adoption. It was love at first sight, before the two even met each other.

Then, the day finally came. Sydney was a tiny little thing – “sweet as pie and perennially hungry,” as Sara put it. The little, one-pound kitten was full of energy, burning off calories as fast as she could consume them. Sara introduced little Sydney to her “big sister” slowly; their mutual curiosity won over and they soon became the very best of friends, playing, grooming, and napping, together.

Over a year later, Sydney is still on the smaller side, but nothing can stop her! She loves her gigantic cat tree and her sweet sister. Sara says, “She’s the most loving little girl, too. When I have a migraine and I’m in bed all day, she sleeps right next to me, never leaving my side.” On her first birthday, the whole family threw a party for her, cake and all. Sydney is still treated like the “new baby” in the family, getting passed around often since everyone wants to hold her. She is thoroughly attended to and she soaks it up.

Her sister, Chloe, isn’t jealous: she loves Sydney just as much. Her personality changed completely when Sydney came home, going from stand-offish to being loving and a bigger part of the family. She plays more, feels happier, and has even lost some weight. Sara says that Chloe’s even become more affectionate towards her and her family, too: “It’s like she’s saying ‘thank you for my sister.'”

Sydney continues to bring Sara and her family closer with the happiness she spreads. “I can’t imagine life without her,” Sara said.

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