Rory and Georgie

A FieldHaven Adoption Story

Original Name: N/A
Birthday: Unknown
Came to FieldHaven: Unknown
Adopted: June 3, 2017

Submitted by Gina

Gina and her family came to FieldHaven Feline Center in search of a Barn Pal to help with their war against mice and other vermin in the yard. They wound up adopting not one, but TWO cats, on June 3, 2017.

Georgie – aka “Gorgeous” – has been dubbed feisty, which Gina says is a total understatement. It’s Georgie’s way or the highway. It has taken lots of love and patience, but she loves to sleep with Gina’s youngest every night. Georgie has become a wonderful part of the family.
Rory (or “Rorster”) is a mama’s boy, loving to spend time on Gina’s lap. He is a master of stealth and eats anything that shouldn’t be in the yard. He has even been known to bring not-so-dead creatures into the house.

“They have been wonderful additions to our family,” says Gina.

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