A FieldHaven Adoption Story

Submitted by Dan

In fall 2006, four of FieldHaven’s Rodent Rangers went to live in a barn in Reno, Nevada with cowboy Dan, who was in need of pest control for the horse barn on his small ranch. Dan already has an indoor cat, Miss Kitty, who lives in luxury inside his warm, cozy ranch house, along with his cat-loving border collie. He had a wonderful tack room where he secured all of the cats, providing them with great places to hide, sleep, and eat. During the initial few weeks, he followed the Rodent Rangers instructions perfectly, keeping them secure until they knew their new barn thoroughly. Eventually, Dan opened the door to the tack room and allowed them to explore their new home, starting their first day on the job.

All of the cats were all happily working together and seemed content in their new residence, except for Bailey. Dan said that the first night after he let the cats out, he heard a meowing outside of his front door. He opened the door and sitting on a bench was Baily. She hopped off the bench and dashed into the house. Today, she spends her time resting in front of the cozy fire. Dan and Miss Kitty are both delighted to have Bailey in their home.

Bailey living happily in doors.

Original Name: Bailey
Birthday: July 15, 2011
Came to FieldHaven: November 12, 2011
Adopted: November 16, 2011

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