A FieldHaven Adoption Story

Original Name: N/A
Birthday: Unknown
Came to FieldHaven: 2019
Adopted: 2019

By Isabella Barcellona

My mom found her on a wet and windy night in her backyard. She texted me a picture of a scared and wet kitten. When I saw it, I jokingly named her Arya, making up a story that she was battling evil (Game of Thrones fans will understand why) and asked my mom if I could have her. I thought she had such a unique face with very human eyes. Then two weeks later, a day after my birthday, my mom called, “If you were serious, she’s yours.” Truly, the best birthday present ever!

She was just a little over three pounds and the vet surprised us when she said that she was about five years old, not fixed and without a chip. She was so tiny because she was starving and dehydrated. FieldHaven checked her out, got her fixed, and my mom flew her up to the Portland, OR area, where I live. I was concerned she might not be very friendly, having fended for herself for so long, but I didn’t have anything to worry about.

Arya quickly went from timid to lovey in our home. Not only did personality grow, but her fur did as well. She has long hair and a magnificent fluffy beard all around her face. She didn’t meow until a month had passed by, and when she finally did, we lovingly referred to her gravelly meow as her “warrior cry” since she only does it when presenting us with a toy she has caught. She fit her name more and more every day.

I suffered from anxiety and depression when I adopted Arya. Arya quickly showed that she could tell if I was having a bad day. She would melt into my lap or curl up under my chin and purr louder than I thought I cat could purr. If I woke up in a panic at night she would curl up next to my pillow, purring like the greatest white noise machine, helping me fall back asleep within minutes rather than hours. Everyone in my life commented on how much more calm I was after adopting Arya.

I get comments that it seems like she can stare into people’s souls and I like to think she can. She knows when friends or I just need someone else to be near us to feel loved. Every day I get to enjoy walking through my front door to her running up to me, purring like a motorboat and following me in step around the house. Arya helped me create my own little family.

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