An Adoption-Challenged Success Story

Amanda, a black cat with yellow eyes

Original Names: Amanda Blake
Birthday: August 1, 2010
Came to FieldHaven: February 1, 2012
Adopted: February 25, 2012

Submitted by Judy

Amanda’s family met her at PetSmart Lincoln. When she was brought home, she spent an hour in the room they set up for her before she let them know she was ready to join them in the rest of the house. She is very chatty. She explored a couple of rooms before ultimately settling on the master bedroom as her “official throne.”

On the first night, she slept with her adopters until their black lab, Katie, came to bed, which prompted Amanda to adjourn to the closet. Her adoptive family set up a pad for her there, as she enjoys a quiet place to rest. On the second night, she slept on the bed all night with Katie. By the third night, she was ready to sit with the family to chat and watch TV. Being a heavier girl at thirteen-pounds, the veterinarian put her on a diet to lower her weight to nine pounds. Though she was quite annoyed at the empty food dish at first, she was willing to adjust so long as she got a little extra petting and loving. By day five, Amanda began to play and enjoy her new life.

She has been an amazing addition to her family’s lives.

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