2014 Annual Report

Our Mission

Educating our community on responsible pet ownership while providing safe haven for cats and kittens in transition to new lives in permanent homes.


  • Started “Summer Camp for Kittens” to help unsocialized kittens at the shelter become comfortable with humans.
  • Launched “Spectacular Senior September” campaign to help our senior cats find homes.
  • The “September 60 Project” came about when FieldHaven Feline Center rescued about sixty cats and kittens living in a hoarding situation.
A group of young volunteers working with kittens.

Adoptions: 427
Spays/Neuters: 414

In the News


Board of Directors


Joy Smith, President/Executive Director
Tom Peno, Treasurer
Carol Dirksen, Secretary

Members at Large

Courtney Coburn
Sabina Pellissier
Vicki “Scout” Valentine
Preston Smith


Roberta Peterson, DVM
Mira Bogen-Sanchez, DVM
Alex Rensing, DVM


Julie Anderson, Program Manager
Jen Paul, Program Manager
Jen Kliewer, Thrift Shop Manager
Benay Clark, Animal Care Assistant
Corinna Kirk, Thrift Shop Assistant Manager
Natalie Mark, Animal Care Coordinator
Caitlin Klein, Animal Care Coordinator

What's New in 2014?

New Projects

Summer Camp for Kittens

Summer Camp for Kittens was an innovative idea to help the unsocialized kittens at the shelter, many of which found in feral colonies, become comfortable with humans. We send out a plea for “camp counselors” and received a tremendous response! Children, mothers, fathers, grandparents, and whole families came out to hold, pet, and play with the kittens. Thanks to our camp counselors, many litters of kittens left the camp loving, purring, and social – in short, perfect for any home!

Spectacular Senior September

Spectacular Senior September was a month-long campaign to help our senior cats find homes. We spotlighted all of our senior cats in emails and on our website, offering adoption specials like a free bag of food courtesy of Royal Canin, free cat toys from PetSmart, and of course, our Purrfectly Priceless Adoption Program and membership to our FieldHaven Spa.

September 60 Project

The September 60 Project came about towards the end of September when FieldHaven was made aware of a tragic hoarding situation of nearly sixty seriously ill cats and kittens were living in a small yard. Some had debilitating eye problems and required surgery. We came together as a group and decided to take the project on. With the exception of two kittens needing euthanasia, all cats and kittens were brought to good help, became well socialized, and found good homes. Special thanks to all of the donors and volunteers who made it possible for us to complete this project, including PetSmart Charities for providing an emergency relief grant.

New Programs Update

How are our new programs from 2013 faring?

Our Venture Into Dog Rescue

A black dog with its tongue sticking out.
We continued the venture by taking in a few dogs in 2014. Roxie’s story began on March 10, when FieldHaven received a call from VCA Loomis Basin Veterinary Hospital about a small dog who had been hit by a car. She had a broken right leg, but her owners were not in a position to pay for her badly-needed surgery, so they surrendered her to be euthanized.

We were able to save her by using funds from our Tenth Life Club fund and with the help of veterinarians and staff at VCA Loomis Basin and Placer County Animal Services. After Roxie’s surgery, she recovered in one of our foster homes, then she found her real home.

Snap It Up! Thrift Shop

Snap It Up! Thrift ShopLaunched in October 2013, the shop continues to be an amazingly successful asset to our organization. We added an assistant manager, Corinna Kirk, to the staff and a full group of volunteers who report it’s a fun and rewarding place to work. Snap It Up! continues to showcase select adoptable cats and kittens to shoppers. It is a great hub for participating in downtown Lincoln events.

Still Going Strong in 2014


Community/Cat Assistance Team

Our Community/Cat Assistance Team members offer solutions based on the philosophy that cats are best served by keeping them in their homes or outdoor communities rather than sending them to shelters or rehoming them.

Courtesy Waitlist Program

People in need of rehoming a pet have the opportunity to post a listing on FieldHaven’s website. This service allows us to expand the capacity of our shelter.

Destination FieldHaven Spa

Our FieldHaven Spa program was so successful in 2013, we decided to extend it another year. Adopted cats and kittens receive a monthly weigh-in, nail trim, and flea treatment.

Foster Program

Our foster “parents” take in cats and kittens needing temporary refuge while awaiting adoption.

Purrfectly Priceless Adoption Program

Another successful program started in 2013 we’ve extended, the Purrfectly Priceless Adoption Program allows adopters of cats over the age of six months to name their own adoption fee.

Rodent Raiders

Cats who may otherwise be labeled “unadoptable” have opportunities for placement in a barn, ranch, warehouse, or wherever rodents may inhabit. We provide adopters with all of the tools and directions to have a safe and successful relocation.

Spay/Neuter Assistance Program (SNAP) & Trap, Neuter, Return (TNR)

Our Spay/Neuter Assistance Program (SNAP) helps members of the community and caretakers of outdoor cat communities with spay/neuter funding, trapping, and resources.


Thank you to PetSmart Charities for providing emergency relief funds for the September 60 project cats and to our veterinary partners, Animal Spay & Neuter, Animal Eye Center, and VCA Loomis Basin Veterinary Clinic. We continue to value our business partnership with PetSmart Lincoln, our satellite adoption center. We continue to be a training and observation site for visiting vets from the UC Davis Koret Shelter Medicine Program.

Fundraising Campaigns

Our Monthly Giving Program offers program members a beautifully written monthly letter with a 4” x 6” photo of our cat of the month.

The Buy-a-Brick Program is a great way to visibly memorialize a friend, relative, or favorite pet and be reminded of them at the entrance to FieldHaven Feline Center.

Workplace Giving is where companies match employee donations made to the non-profit organization of one’s choice. Many local companies offer such programs.

The Tenth Life Club Fund provides life-saving veterinary care to cats in crisis.

Classics, Cats & Cabernet is our immensely successful annual onsite fundraiser. In 2014, we raised over $80,000.

Fundraisers & Outreach Events



Adoption Fees: $23,388
Donations: $289,668
Fundraising Events: $85,355
Thrift Store: $114,732
Grant: $2,500
Other: $14,434

Total Income: $530,077


Animal and Shelter: $106,637
General & Administrative: $70,395
Fundraising: $43,522
Program Expenses: $18,840
Staff: $60,143
Thrift Store: $78,592

Total Expenses: $378,129

* This is a partial, unaudited financial presentation for FieldHaven Feline Center, Inc. Additional information regarding the financial condition of the organization is available upon request.

Special Thanks to Our Volunteers

We couldn’t survive without our volunteers! Each one brings their own unique brand of experience, knowledge, talent, and skills to perform a variety of much needed tasks at FieldHaven, including:

Our volunteers are the heart of our day-to-day operations at FieldHaven – we love them!

Special Happenings

In memory of Lindy, who made FieldHaven her sanctuary since 2005. We all miss you!
Super-donor Mary Lee Welch gifts FieldHaven with a digital dental system.
Volunteer Janet Lee adopted Radar!
Nancy Kuhlman voted Volunteer of the Year!
Hot Rod wrote a book with help from 2013’s Volunteer of the Year, Jared Hill.

With the help from FieldHaven’s Tenth Life Club Fund and wonderful donors, these animals were able to receive life-saving surgeries in 2014.

A collage of Radar, Cheerio, Thomas, Champy, Roxie, Sherwood, Clark, Peanut, Beaver, Sugar Bean, and Harper.