12 Saves of 2023 #6: Avocado

12 Saves of 2023 #6: Avocado

Earlier this year, Avocado was transferred to FieldHaven from Front Street Animal Shelter. Prior to that, he was at another shelter. When he arrived, we honestly thought we would lose him. It was clear he was incredibly unwell and he was basically catatonic.

He would not eat, drink, or even so much as move. He sat in one position with his head pressed into the corner of his kennel at all times. He pottied where he lay and didn’t seem to have much will to live.

We assumed he had a severe medical issue, so we ran some tests. To our surprise, everything was seemingly normal. He was on supportive care at the shelter, but nothing seemed to help him.

We sent him home with our operations manager, Dallas. She let him have his space at first, then began offering gentle pets during his feeding time. It didn’t take long for him to understand unconditional love. Soon he was chirping and licking her every time she pet him!

He continued to come out of his shell, gain confidence, and truly learn to be a cat. It’s very clear that his previous home was not somewhere he felt safe to discover the wonders of being a cat. Now, he’s 100% fun, quirky, and all about love.

We made Avocado available for adoption. We didn’t get many applicants, then one came through just over a week ago that we thought would be a good fit.

For Dallas and her wife, the thought of not having Avocado in their lives was unbearable.

Dallas and her wife made a decision that would change their lives forever. Avocado was staying! They officially adopted him and now he’s spending his first holiday at his first real home.

We believe that Avocado would have died of a broken heart had he not been transferred to FieldHaven and entered foster care with Dallas. This is truly a “foster fail” that we can call a “foster win” and we are so happy for sweet Avocado!

Happiest of PAWlidays,
– Joy Smith, executive director of FieldHaven

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P.S. It’s thanks to your support that we can allow cats like Avocado to stay as long as they need while they heal. Thank you for supporting us… so that we can support them.

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