Saving Princess Sophie

Saving Princess Sophie

Princess Sophie is three months old and finally on the mend, but we honestly didn’t think it would even get to this point. That’s why donating on Giving Tuesday is so important. Thanks to a match, your donation is automatically doubled, and your donations will literally help save her life.

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It was early October when a woman found a kitten under her car, struggling to breathe. She wanted to do the right thing, so she took her to a veterinarian but didn’t have the money to fully diagnose or treat her. Instead, she asked for help. The vet referred her to FieldHaven, and because of her severe condition, we took her in right away.

Sophie weighed just over one pound. Her body score on a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 being the worst, was rated a 2. It was not good, and we knew that if we couldn’t treat her, we would have to make a tough decision.

We made an urgent appointment at VCA Loomis Basin Veterinary Clinic. A number of tests were done on little Sophie—which wasn’t easy, given her struggling condition—but we had to know what was wrong in order to treat her.

Sophie was diagnosed with severe bronchopneumonia, which is when the passageways become inflamed, causing an immune response that produces excess fluid. The presence of the fluid means there is less room for air and normal lung function, which limits respiration and can eventually become life-threatening.

Donate to Sophie for Giving Tuesday

The first few days were touch and go—she could not survive outside of an oxygen chamber, yet she needed that gentle, loving touch from a human. She was granted only a couple minutes a day for snuggles, and as hard as that was, we knew it was for her own good.

Sophie literally lived in an oxygen chamber for almost two weeks.

Today, she is finally doing so much better, but her journey is far from over. Sophie also faced a battle with FIP, a disease that was once considered 100% fatal and is now treatable and curable.

The good news is that her most recent diagnostics show incredible improvement overall. She’s gaining weight, she’s playful, and she purrs like a champ. Sophie is a miracle, and her life matters. Her life is worth saving.

Will you give to Sophie for Giving Tuesday? Not only will your donation be doubled, but you can be proud knowing you are part of the team working to save her life and give her that second chance.

Match My Donation

Here’s how to help:

  • Donate. Every amount matters and the match means you give TWICE as much at no additional cost to you!
  • Make an online gift through this link.
  • Mail a check to 2754 Ironwood Lane, Lincoln, CA 95648.
  • Spread the word! Share this post and help get the word out!
  • Be the match! If you would like to provide a significant donation towards a Giving Tuesday match, therefore allowing donations to be doubled, email Joy here!

Sophie is one of many kittens who matter to us. We will continue to be there for them as long as you continue to be there for us. Thank you so much for supporting cats on Giving Tuesday.

P.S. We appreciate you more than you know, and we probably don’t say it enough! Also, if you’re worried you may forget to donate on Giving Tuesday given all of the upcoming holiday fun, you can donate early, right now, and your gift will still be matched. Thank you SO much!

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