Cat Magic at the Annex Recovery Center in Wailuku

Cat Magic at the Annex Recovery Center in Wailuku

Cat magic is happening here. This is the Annex Recovery Center in Wailuku. It is where the fire cats that are either less social or behaviorally affected by the fire are being housed. It is a place of peace, quiet and zen for the cats – and those of us caring for them.

As the cats heal, we are searching for their owners. Some of the cats are likely community cats without a human family but we recognize the subtle signs in many that have us believing they have a family.

We encourage people to please keep searching for your cats. We still have so many to rescue from the burn zone. There are online matchmakers who have hours upon hours of experience helping people find their kitties. We know processes have been chaotic. This is not our first fire rodeo, the chaos is normal. Each day brings more organization, better procedures. Stick with all us – we have the fire victims, both feline and human, at the forefront of our hearts and efforts every day.

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