12 Saves of Christmas – Lou-Lou – FieldHaven’s Heartwarming Save #5

12 Saves of Christmas – Lou-Lou – FieldHaven’s Heartwarming Save #5

12 Saves of Christmas – FieldHaven’s Heartwarming Save #5: Lou-Lou

Each day, we will share one of FieldHaven’s 12 most heartwarming cat saves of 2020. Each happy story was made possible through your generosity!

Lou-Lou learned his human was about to be deployed overseas!

When Abby adopted Lou-Lou, she had no idea that she would end up being deployed overseas as part of her job in the military, but life can throw any of us a curveball. And she did not have a lot of advance notice to find Lou-Lou a new home.

Because she had adopted Lou-Lou from FieldHaven, she reached out to us for help in finding her beloved cat a new home in a hurry! We posted Lou-Lou’s story on Facebook.

He is a really cute little guy – affectionate and talkative.

A response came in from someone interested in adopting Lou-Lou – a woman named Apryl, who was also part of a military family and understood Abby’s situation completely.

Apryl was thrilled to add Lou-Lou to her family, and she will be keeping in touch with Abby during her tour of duty so she will know how Lou-Lou is doing in his new home. Abby was so relieved and happy, and Lou-Lou is doing great in his new home.

He was adopted through our Meow & Forever program, which helps to match people with adopters without coming through a shelter. When we can connect people to help animals, we know we are on the right path to creating a more humane community.

Thanks to your support, FieldHaven is always here for cats even after we place them into new homes. We are here to stand by them because you stand by us with your kind and generous support. We truly cannot thank you enough!

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