Rico Needs Your Help

Rico Needs Your Help

Jeanie was visiting Recology Yuba-Sutter Recology Yuba-Sutter to discard some trash. As she was waiting in line in her car a worker noticed the “Meowysville” sign on her car and mentioned they had an injured cat on the campus.

“Rico” is their favorite lunch-time cat who comes out to ask for handouts as the crew eats their lunches. A couple of weeks prior they noticed a wound on Rico’s side. They were worried that it was getting worse because Rico wasn’t coming around as much.

It took a couple of days, but with Jeanie’s guidance, they were able to secure Rico in a carrier.

Jeanie hustled him right to Companion Veterinary Clinic in Auburn. From what she could see of the wound while he was in the carrier it seemed to be under a front leg and looked nasty but not huge.

Rico was crouching in the back of the carrier so she couldn’t fully see it, but during the hour-long journey to Auburn, she did notice a horrible smell: the smell of rotting flesh.

When Dr. Sanchez and her team examined Rico, they found an enormous, infected, necrotic wound under his armpit that extended several inches under the flesh. Additionally, he had other wounds on his leg and a large laceration under his eye. All infected and weeks old. He was severely dehydrated and starving.

Rico is on his tenth day being hospitalized at Companion. He had surgery on day three to debride the wound and create a lacing system so he could receive daily wound treatment and bandage changes. He is a gentle, charming guy who patiently allows the veterinary team to change his bandages and treat his wounds. He loves his food and is steadily putting on weight. He doesn’t have a loud purr but it is almost always quietly rumbling in a statement of gratitude for the care and love he is receiving.

Please help us cover Rico’s medical expenses. The cost of his care is estimated to be around $3,000. Let’s get Rico healed so he can get that home full of love he wants so much and deserves.</p.

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