Little Rocket Found His Soul Brother (and He is a Dog)

Little Rocket Found His Soul Brother (and He is a Dog)

Help Us Reach our Goal of Raising $40,000 During Big Day of Giving

Hanging out in mom’s lap

Taylor has always loved cats, growing up with several as family pets. In November of 2017, she tragically lost one of her beloved kitties to bone cancer. It was sudden and devastating, and left her heartbroken. Seeking to fill the hole left in her heart, she asked a friend who was fostering for FieldHaven about getting involved.

Just two dogs hanging out

On May 8, 2018, Taylor brought home her first foster litter, four three-week old brown tabby cats, three males and one female. The female and two of the boys were extremely small and very weak. However, there was one who was extremely lively, hyper and curious. Taylor decided to name him Rocket. A few days into fostering the litter, Taylor realized that the kittens were extremely sick. Even with the valiant efforts of Taylor and FieldHaven’s medical staff, three of the four kittens passed away.

Rocket was the only one who survived. He spent some time getting medical care and with a foster who specifically cares for ill kittens. Taylor was heartbroken and thought her days as a foster were over. Happily, Rocket made a full recovery and came back to Taylor a few weeks later to continue his foster experience. However, Taylor had something else in mind. She wanted to adopt him! Yes, Taylor’s first foster experience was, as we call it in the “biz” a Foster Failure – the best failure one could hope for.

Rocket just celebrated his first birthday, and what a year it has been! After returning to Taylor’s home, he bonded with her six-year-old Australian Shepherd, Dane. They are the best of friends and love each other so much. Rocket is convinced that he is a dog. He’s curious, fearless and so sweet. He loves attention, food, and to play with things he shouldn’t. Both Rocket and Dane team up together to try to trip their human parents when going up the stairs. Taylor feels so lucky to have been able to be Rocket’s foster mom and then become his forever mom. She’s also looking forward to welcoming more fosters into her home, knowing that rocket and Dane will show the new kittens how to “dog” properly.

You make happy endings like Rocket’s possible!

Thanks to generous FieldHaven supporters, any donation you make now through May 2nd on the Big Day of Giving website will be matched up to $17,500! The kitties and all of us humans who love them extend our gratitude to Mark M. Glickman for his donation of $10,000, Kim Fox-Yoder and Family for their donation of $5,000, and Barry and Karen Richards for their donation of $2,500 made in honor of all the cats they have loved.

Schedule your donation now to ensure it receives matching funds. You won’t be charged until May 2nd. Please help FieldHaven reach its fundraising goal of $40,000 during this year’s Big Dog!

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