Sweet Clara Helps Her New Family Heal

Sweet Clara Helps Her New Family Heal

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Clara had a really hard life, with several litters of kittens under her belt, she was unceremoniously dumped by her owners in Yuba City. Luckily, Clara was rescued by a good Samaritan and brought to FieldHaven, where she was cared for and loved. Clara received a thorough check-up, surgery to ensure she would no longer have multiple litters of kittens, and gentle socialization since she hadn’t been able to trust those who should have been taking care of her.

Clara thrived at FieldHaven, discovering that big, fluffy beds were her favorite, doing a sweet little dance for back scratches, and offering purrs in exchange for pets.

Clara was spending her time at FieldHaven Marketplace in Champy’s Catfé when Kristin and Herman walked in. This couple lost their home and two beloved cats in the Camp Fire. Now renting a home, they were ready to continue their healing by starting a new family. Understanding that Clara is still coming out of her shell, they offered her a calm, nurturing home.

Your support makes these stories possible! Thank you for helping us bring love and healing to Clara, Kristin, and Herman…a sweet new family.

Thanks to generous FieldHaven supporters, any donation you make now through May 2 on the Big Day of Giving website will be matched up to $15,000! The kitties and all of us humans who love them extend our gratitude to Mark M. Glickman for his donation of $7,500, Kim Fox-Yoder and Family for their donation of $5,000, and Barry and Karen Richards for their donation of $2,500 made in honor of all the cats they have loved.

Schedule your donation now to ensure it receives matching funds. You won’t be charged until May 2. (Click the “Donate Now” button on the page and it will allow you to schedule it.) Please help FieldHaven reach its fundraising goal of $40,000 during this year’s Big DoG!

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