Homeless Couple Looking for a Home for the Holidays

Homeless Couple Looking for a Home for the Holidays

Sasha and Sandy: A FieldHaven Love Story

At FieldHaven, we are experts at matching cats and people…but in Sasha and Sandy’s case, a purrfect match was made between two kitties. Now, they need to find their “people” match.

They had some scary times before they found their way to FieldHaven. Sandy got lost and ended up in a feral colony where he got beaten up pretty bad and Sasha was feral and had a severe infection in both ears. It was so bad one ear had to be removed. They fell in love while recovering from surgery and are now inseparable. They are loveable-laidback-no- trouble-at-all kitties who just want a quiet loving home!

During their post-surgery hospitalization they met and…well, just like a Hallmark movie they fell in love. Now, for the perfect ending they just need a home. Won’t you be the person that gives this loving and deserving a couple a Home for the Holidays?

Sasha and Sandy’s adoption fee has been sponsored by Donna B. Thank you, Donna!

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