Play Time With Your Cat

Play Time With Your Cat

It has been said that domestic cats “Are just a whisker away from wild.” This is easy to believe when you see their amazing speed and agility at play. Play time with your cat is a great way admire their abilities, bond with your pet, encourage them to use their scratching post, and bring a smile to your face. It also gives an indoor cat much needed exercise and a way to channel their natural instincts. Play works especially well for those wild eyed youngsters who are more inclined to get into mischief than to want to snuggle. You don’t need to spend lots of money to have many fun toys for you kitties. Paper bags, ping pong balls, and crumpled bits of paper are all toys kitties love.
Here are some games to try:

“Under the Rug”

Put a feather teaser with a long handle under an old throw rug with the feathers showing. Slowly pull the feathers under the rug. There is hardly a cat anywhere that can resist diving for the feathers as they disappear under the rug! Even older cats sometimes cannot resist this game.

“Chase the Bird”

Drag feather toys on and around your cat’s scratching post. They will associate play and scratching with the post. Occasionally add a little catnip or a cat treat to the post.

“Mouse in a Bag”

Many cats love to hide and play in paper bags or cardboard boxes. Roll the edges of a bag so they stay open and just put them on the floor. For an extra treat toss a toy mouse or ball in the bag and watch your kitties dive in to “catch” it.

“Chase the Mouse”

Tie a bit of crumpled paper onto a thick yarn or string and drag it across the floor or scratching post – kitties love to chase as it bounces and hops along the floor. They especially love to pounce on it just as it disappears around a corner or into a cardboard box. Some kitties love to hide in a bag or box, then leap out and surprise the “prey” as it goes by.

“Kitty Handball”

Toss a ball into the bathtub. It is like a little “kitty handball” court where the ball rolls back to them. Some kitties love to chase toys around in the enclosed space.


For this game all you need is 2 (or more!) young cats. They will invent endless games. If you adopt a pair of kittens they will keep themselves and you amused for many hours.

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