Shasta Turntable Colony

Project Overview

The Turntable Colony is one gigantic project! When we plunged into the project in late March 2021, there was still a tiny bit of snow coating the ground near some of the feeding stations. Five months later, the summer sun has dried every bit of vegetation to a crisp, making fire an ever-present danger. In June, a fire did come scarily close to the area. Thankfully, the winds shifted, moving in the opposite direction.

Our partners, the Northstate Cat Coalition, have been progressively trapping cats and transporting them to FieldHaven, where they receive the medical care they need, including spay/neuter. When they are healthy, they are presented for adoption. Many are Rodent Rangers, so each home is carefully vetted to ensure the best potential for a successful relocation. Social cats are presented in our regular adoption program. There have been a lot of kittens born. NCC volunteers are scooping them up as soon as they can find them, catching their moms too. It is our goal that those kittens will be the last generation born at the Turntable colony


The Shasta Turntable Colony Project is fueled by your donations. We knew it would be a long-term endeavor and it may take even longer than we thought. The explosion of kittens that hit us this year has affected our capacity, affecting our trapping pace. Well-intentioned people who aren’t part of NCC continually put out unauthorized food for the cats, leaving them not-so-anxious to enter traps when they have full bellies. The slow-but-steady process is working. We are over the halfway point! Forest Service personnel are happy with our plan and progress. The cats are well fed (sometimes too well fed!). We are finding great homes. It’s a plan for success and many lives have been saved. Your support is making it all possible. We cannot even begin to thank you enough. If you are interested in contributing, please donate here.


On April 1, TT001 (aka “Mr. Love”) arrived at FieldHaven. A tame cat who earned his name, Mr. Love was placed for adoption after being neutered and all that stuff. He was soon adopted. His adopters said this in an adoption follow up contact: “He is a dude. Fits right in.”

Last week, we intook TT082, a chunky, tattered male with fat cheeks and a ready purr. We can’t wait to watch him become even more beautiful as his wounds heal and his hormones fade. Some lucky family will have a very cool new family member.

Project Statistics

Here is a breakdown of how many cats have been rescued as of August 2022:

Total intakes: 151
Intakes needing extended medical care: 3
Intakes already altered: 24
Intakes – kittens (<4 months): 53
Adopted: 144
Deceased: 4


Shasta Lake, CA


Yuba County, CA