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Michael Legg
Feline Transport

About Michael Legg

Hello, My name is Michael Legg and I am the current Transportation person. I was a machinist for 15 years, manufacturing everything from ammunition reloading equipment, to Telecommuncation lasers, and dental lasers. I acquired an Assoicates Degree in Building Technology and became a building inspector for Siskiyou County for a short stint. I then returned to Butte County and machining, for another short time while appling for The Butte County Sheriff’s Office. I was accepted in Sept. of 2008. While there I worked in several positions and learned many things. I spent some time in their transportation department, transferring and acquiring individuals to different counties throughout the state. After that I returned to the floor, where I became a Officer in Charge, basically a second in command of my team. I also became a Field Training Officer, to train the new recruits that joined the department. I was also a member of our Hostage/Crisis Negation Team. For hobbies I enjoy Woodworking, Hiking and Road Cycling. My family and I currently have 4 dogs, 4 cats and 2 tortoises.

Engaging and empowering communities to ensure every cat has a safe place to live.

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