Board member Kate Marden holding an owl
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Kate Marden
Board Secretary

About Kate

I am a native San Franciscan who grew up, for the most part, in West Marin. I have had pets all of my life; we always had at least one dog and one cat. I am an animal person; Marin County Fire referred to me as Dr. Doolittle when they would come to do fire safety inspections. Cats, dogs, a horse, goats, large pet birds and birds of prey. Lest we forget, the pet skunk and hedgehog. Looking back, I realize that there were a few years that I did not have a dog but only one year that I did not have a cat. I owned a dog daycare center for 20 years and worked with abused dogs, teaching them to trust again.

I moved up to Yuba County in 2006 and started the West Coast Falconry Center. I teach about falconry and birds of prey. I have a permit that allows guests to have a trained bird fly to their gloved arm. It is because of my passion for these birds that I met Scout Valentine, in 2007, I think. We became dear friends. Scout told me about FieldHaven and introduced me to Joy. West Coast Falconry has donated Falconry Experiences to FieldHaven auctions for many years now and I am the proud human of 3 FieldHaven Felines.

Well, I've wrestled with reality for 35 years, Doctor, and I'm happy to state I finally won out over it.

- Elwood P. Dowd