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Phone: (916) 434-6022
Haley Morgan
Hathaway Clinic Medical Assistant

About Haley Morgan

As a child, I held an innate passion for animals and the environment. Our house was a zoologist’s paradise, filled with everything from rodents to spiders to, of course, cats. It was my dream to become a veterinarian so I could spend my days helping animals.

My family’s relationship with FieldHaven kicked off in 2004 when we adopted our beloved Tiki. It wasn’t until March 2015 that I began volunteering with my mom and sister, Carrie and Vic, both of whom are now staff members here. We currently have four cats, all from FieldHaven: Lucy, Timmy, Kimmy, and Calypso, the latter being my attitude-filled, secretly-a-sweetheart kitty BFF of 10+ years.

In May 2023, I graduated summa cum laude from CSU Sacramento with a BA in Art: Studio Methods, along with a minor in Art History and two AAs from Sierra College (Studio Arts and Illustration). One of my core motivators as an artist is the idea that something I put forth into the world can make a positive impact on others. I see that vision in action every day at this shelter as people work around the clock to save lives and help their community. Though I academically ended up on a staunchly different trajectory from my child self’s dream, I’m thrilled to be honoring that past by working with FieldHaven’s remarkable medical team.

In my free time, you’ll find me devouring exorbitant amounts of books, crocheting, cosplaying with friends, or drawing and painting the day away.

Even if no one appreciates you, it’s important that you don’t stop being good.

- Diane Nguyen, BoJack Horseman