Shasta Lake Cats Project

Project Overview

A cat colony has been living on the shores of Shasta Lake for over a decade and it has exploded in size to upwards of 200 cats. Because the colony is on US Forest Service land, there are plans being considered to trap and kill the cats. FieldHaven was summoned to help. Thanks to donations and other help from supporters like you, FieldHaven has been able to begin the initial steps on a project to save the cats!

In March, FieldHaven staff visited the site and developed a detailed relocation plan. We estimate it will take six to eight months and cost about $25,000. We especially want to give a shout-out to Laurie O’Connell and Sarah Barics-Steiner, cat advocates in Shasta County, who have been helping the colony since late 2020!

How You Can Help Save Cats at Shasta Lake

There are many ways you can help these Shasta Lake cats:

Donation Opportunities

Give Funds: Donate money to cover costs of the project, including spay and neuter surgeries.

Donate Food: Nourish the Shasta Lake cats with the gift of much-needed food.

Drop Off Donations: Drop off donations at FieldHaven Feline Center at 2754 Ironwood Lane, Lincoln, CA or contact us if you live closer to Redding.

Order from Wal-Mart in Redding: Order supplies from Wal-Mart in Redding, CA and email the receipt to [email protected] so we may arrange pick up.

Donate Funds for Traps and Transfer Cages: Send us funds so we can order using our special discounted pricing.

Provide Gas Cards for Fuel: It’s a long trip from Redding to Lincoln and back! Send ecards to [email protected] or mail to FieldHaven Feline Center, 2754 Ironwood Lane, Lincoln, CA 95648.

Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer to Transport: Call (916) 434-6022 or email [email protected], and we’ll work out the logistics with you to transport cats and advise on doing it safely for you and the cats if you’ve never transported colony cats before.

Adoption Opportunities

Adopt a Shasta Lake Cat: In this extraordinary case, because the cats’ lives are under a very real threat of extermination, we are seeking new homes. As a FieldHaven supporter, you know we don’t take the decision to relocate lightly but we see no other choice in this case if the cats are to survive. Please fill out an application if you can adopt one or more of the cats in dire need.

Adopt a Shasta Lake Cat Rodent Ranger: For Rodent Rangers who are unsocialized to humans and who will keep the rodents down on your property, click here. Barns and sheds make great homes for them!