Project Overview

The Glidden colony has been an out-of-control colony for more than 30 years with the cats getting less and less healthy as the generations continued. Without the resources to alter the cats the residents did their best to feed them but that didn’t control the population. With an estimated population of 40 cats, many with polydactyly.


“One of my first cat memories is from 4203 Glidden, I was 6 years old, and it was a gray fluffy kitten I named Gray. Every time I visited, I would look for Gray, however I wanted a cat of my own. I was very excited when one day I came home from school and my mom told me there was a rat in the garage she needed my small hands to grab. Being me, I shrugged my shoulders and said OK. When I grabbed the rat, it was a big fluffy kitten. My mom told me it came from my grandma’s house. I named her Pudding, and I adored her. Still whenever we visited Glidden, I spent most of my time outside with the cats and kittens, as I grew older, I started to realize the tragic lives these cats led, an endless cycle of breeding leaving the females worn out and the males battle-scarred and broken. When I started working at FieldHaven I always thought about my grandma’s house and how I would love to TNR that. Occasionally a cousin would call and tell me a litter was born and ask for help. Guilty because there were no resources in Sutter County to truly help the problem, I would get the kittens placed but still wish for help for the adults. I could on occasion get an adult transferred to an adoption facility, but I was just digging holes in the sand. Every scoop out caused more sand to fill in. Then one day Joy told me about the T.A.M.I. Grant, and I knew that his was my chance to help. However, money alone couldn’t help so I rolled up my sleeves and started trapping myself. I’ve only just started but I have trapped about 10 cats and prevented at least 20 more kittens from entering the cycle of reproduction. It’s such a dream come true to be able to help the colony that started my love of cats and inspired my career in animal welfare.”


Yuba City, CA


Sutter County, CA