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Sara Huber, RVT
RVT - Veterinary Technician

About Sara Huber, RVT

With a life-long passion for animals as well as math and science, becoming a vet tech not only ended up being the perfect fit for me, but has been a dream come true. I attended Cosumnes River College and graduated in 2006 with a degree in veterinary technology and a second degree in math and science. I received my license the same year after qualifying for the state and national board exams. Professionally, I have worked with cats, both domestic and exotic; wildlife and zoo animals. Personally, I care for three cats – Finnegan and Cedric who were abandoned at the vet clinic where I was working at the time and Cricket who was a Fieldhaven foster fail. In 2014, I received a call from Dr. Sanchez to help with the eye surgeries on the September 60 cats. Two years later, I started working part-time at FieldHaven assisting Dr. Sanchez with surgeries and dental procedures. In addition to being the RVT for the Folsom City Zoo Sanctuary, I also work in human medicine as an Anesthesia Technician. It’s crucial to me to work with those who are encouraging and supportive of my need to learn and grow my skills and practice at the top of my license. While I am always looking to learn more and adapt my skills to do things better and/or more efficiently, I love what I do and am content with living my dream as an RVT.

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