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Phone: (916) 434-0622
Nicole Gauthier
Marketplace Assistant Manager / Shelter Event Coordinator

About Nicole

Nicole was born and raised in Northern California. As a child, there was never a time there wasn’t a pet in the family, whether it was a cat, dog, mouse, or fish. She has always been fond of cats, but that bond was strengthened with her own first cat, Elizabeth. She was an old Siamese cat that belonged to a family friend. After a few months, Elizabeth warmed up to the family and was attached to Nicole. This is probably where Nicole developed her love for ferals! (Even though Elizabeth was not feral, she sure was cranky, and earning her love was a wonderful feeling!).

Nicole eventually moved to Newcastle, CA and came across a video FieldHaven had posted about some cats they had rescued from a fire. She signed up to volunteer at the shelter, and the rest is history! Doing tasks around the shelter with Jen Paul was fun, but Nicole wanted to be more hands-on with the cats, so she signed up to foster. She received her first litter of cats to foster when the call came the day before Thanksgiving. A litter of semi-feral cats were found and needed some TLC over the holidays. Giving oral and eye medication to 6 semi-feral teenage cats was no easy task, but after a few months, they turned into purring, cuddly lap cats. Since then she has fostered quite a few feral cats (and some adorable 4 week old kittens, 2 of whom she adopted).

When FieldHaven Marketplace was hiring, Nicole applied for the job. Working with George and Benay the last few years has been a wonderful adventure. In addition to the Marketplace, she has acted as Volunteer Coordinator for the shelter, and is currently the Event Coordinator. There is never a dull moment at FieldHaven!

For every Cat in need, a Solution.

- FieldHaven Mission Statement