Leslie Clark
Contact Info
Phone: (916) 434-6022
Leslie Clark
Interim Animal Care Manager

About Leslie Clark

Leslie has been a veterinary technician for 20 years. She has a passion for cats specifically, though she loves all animals. She is the animal care manager so she is in charge of all the cat’s welfare at fieldhaven. Leslie works in close coordination with the shelter owner, Joy Smith, to ensure all the cats are healthy and available for adoption. She loves to help cats find their forever homes and works hard to keep all the cats in the shelter healthy.

She has four cats of her own, one tripod and one bottle baby she foster-failed as well as two others who were shelter adoptions. She loves to stay home and read or watch tv while her cats snuggle with her or travel with her boyfriend.

For every Cat in need, a Solution.

- FieldHaven Mission Statement