By Amber M.

My husband went to work one day in November 2019 and came home with 8-month-old Tucker from the SPCA. The next day, we were at the ER for an upper respiratory infection and ringworm. A week later, he was just fine and a healthy happy little guy up until December 2021. He started urinating outside of his litter box. He stopped playing with our three other cats and wasn’t eating or drinking as much as before. We took him into the vet they treated for a UTI. He finished treatment and just never rebounded like we thought he would. He continued to eat and drink less we took him back on February 3, 2022 they treated him for haemoplasma infection since he was severely anemic and had a very high WBC. By February 8, 2022 he wouldn’t eat or drink at all he dropped 2 lbs very fast. They referred him to a specialist for an ultrasound on February 13, 2022 and like his vet suspected FIP in wet and dry form was the diagnosis. We were told there is no cure for FIP only experimental treatments and they sent him home on palliative care.

Over the next couple of weeks, he steadily declined refused once again to eat or drink his belly filled with fluid. It was a Sunday night March 6 I read a post on the FieldHaven Facebook page about FIP stars and that there was a treatment option. I volunteered with FieldHaven in the past so trusted the information provided. I emailed FieldHaven the next morning and we were able to start treatment that day. Working with FieldHaven has been incredible Joy checked with us his entire first night of treatment when we ended up in the ER for a high fever. We just completed day 36 and Tucker is back to his self. He’s at a much healthier weight 9.5 lbs up from 7.7 lbs. He eats, drinks well and plays all day long. If he didn’t have his shaved stripes where we administer his injections nightly you wouldn’t know he was ever sick. Joy S., Dallas, and Joy C. have been there for us every step of the way from answering all questions and helping to administer Tucker’s injections. We are looking forward to the day he will be declared cured.

Star Stats

Diagnosis Date: TBD
FIP Type: Wet / Dry
Treatment Completion Date: TBD
Cure Date: TBD
Source: Owner
Caregiver(s): TBD
Veterinarian(s): TBD
Status: Cured