By Julie

I adopted Teddy and his litter mate, Pixie, in June. They were 10 weeks old and I fell in love immediately. I’ve had cats all my life, but this pair is really special. They acclimated to their new home almost instantly, and Teddy became best buddies with my six year old French bulldog, Mac. I couldn’t have gotten luckier — I now had a perfect, bonded threesome.

When Teddy got sick with FIP, I was devastated. I just couldn’t believe that my adorable, sweet, funny, and lovable boy had an incurable feline virus! How could this be?

I am so fortunate to have my very good friend, Lori. She told me not to lose hope, and she reached out to the wonderful people at FieldHaven. Immediately, everyone spun into action to help save Teddy’s life! On day one, they ran labs, gave Teddy his first treatment, got us established with FIP Warriors, and sent us home armed with everything we needed to fight the battle ahead, and most of all, they gave us hope.

Nearly 80 days into treatment, we’ve entered the home stretch. Teddy is doing remarkably well, and I am full of relief, love, and gratitude for this very special gift (and just in time for Christmas!). Teddy is a Warrior because all of you are his savior.