By Rocio

We have been caretakers of this particular cat colony for around five years. Over the years, we have TNRed over 20 cats from this area. In the past several years, we have not seen many kittens. This summer, we found a litter. They were tiny. We knew the best chance for their survival would be to trap their momma so she could continue to nurse them. Using them as bait, we were lucky enough to get their momma. Once weaned, we spayed and released her. The four kittens all grew up; three of the four were adopted. Mickey was the fourth. He would get URIs, get well, and then have a relapse. We were worried about him; he was the most friendly and playful of the litter. I knew something was seriously wrong with him when he got lethargic and his belly started to swell. After a vet visit and the news that he had FIP, my husband and I talked about our options. Treatment would be very expensive, but looking into Mickey’s eyes, I saw the playful kitten he had been and could still be. We decided to begin the treatment. Mickey is our foster and I hope one day he will find a forever home where he can get all the love and attention he deserves.