By Dallas Butterfield

Meet Kahlo, the most beautiful and resilient kitten I’ve ever had the pleasure of fostering. If her sparkling bright white fur coat or her dazzling eyes don’t catch your attention, then I’m sure the way she gets around will. Kahlo was born with something called Cerebellar Hypoplasia, which affects her balance and coordination affecting the way she gets around. She falls on the severe side of this condition, which makes it to where she is not able to fully stand or walk. Do not worry though because she gets around just fine in her own way! We have lovingly deemed her flip flop as a nickname, because that’s what she does to move about.

Kahlo is a very special girl with such an amazing personality. She plays hard and loves harder. She will play with toys, other friendly kitties, and doesn’t seem to care about dogs. She enjoys a good cuddle session with her person or people. When you hold her, she purrs and will give you sweet kisses on your hands and face. She rides well in a pet backpack and really enjoys it because she gets to be close to you and she gets to explore more than normal, even when you’re just doing things around the house.

When I mention that she is resilient, I truly mean it. In addition to her CH, she was also diagnosed with FIP (Feline Infectious Peritonitis) & had to fight for her life as a young kitten. After going through the full treatment and observation period she has been deemed CURED! She is such a warrior!

Everyone who meets her immediately falls in love with her, it’s hard not to with her stunning looks and her incredible personality. Well, the most perfect family fell in love with her and she has taken that next step in her journey onto her adoptive home!