Jelly Belly Bean

By Jelly Belly Bean (as told by Vicki)

My name is Jelly Belly Bean! When I was three months old, I was diagnosed with neurological FIP. I am on my sixth week of treatment, almost halfway to being cured! Yay!

My momma has rescued kittens and cats over the past 45 years. She began fostering at a local rescue three years ago, and in that time, has cared for 184 kittens, 21 of which died of FIP. Momma took my big brother through the treatment and knows it works: it cured him.

I’ve known my momma ever since I was born on-site at the rescue. My two sisters and I went into foster care with her at seven weeks old. We were very sick. She noticed I was “wobbling” a little bit and took me to the vet. I was diagnosed with neurological FIP.

Even though my momma could not afford treatment for another kitty (it’s expensive and requires monthly blood work and lots of vet visits), she went into debt to see me cured. She caught my FIP early. I have the potential to live a very long and healthy life with my momma.

This year alone, Momma has held fourteen babies as they slipped away; she could not bear the thought of euthanizing me or watching me suffer. She loves me very much, and while she would like to cure all the babies, she cannot afford it: she has some enormous medical bills she still needs to pay.

My daddy calls me his “squishy bean” and says I am the “most adorable mini panther ever!”

I am doing excellently, improving a little bit each day. I can jump on the chair again! Once I’ve completed ten weeks, I’ll get spayed. I have 2-4 more weeks of treatment remaining.

Recently, Momma saved Waylon, an 8-week-old FIP kitten, from a litter of four. He’s doing very well. In Momma’s 45 years of rescue, she has seen her fair share of FIP and how much a kitty suffers from it. After treating my big brother, she says, “No!” to any more babies in her care being euthanized for FIP, knowing there’s a treatment lifeline for me, Waylon, my big brother, and other kitties. It gives her hope for our futures. That hope embodies her dream for each of her rescued kittens (over 5,000), nursed back to health, taken care of, and held in their final moments. All kitties can have long, healthy, happy lives wrapped in a loving forever home.

The rescue specializes in low-cost spay and neuter and cannot afford my treatment. Momma adopted me and my sisters, Raven and Ryley, so she could treat us should they also develop FIP. Waylon and I are lucky: we have a forever home with a loving momma who can give everything to us; however, she does not have the financial capability to carry me through to the end of the treatment.

I need a village and financial assistance to complete my treatment.

Momma was referred to FieldHaven Feline Center for possible assistance. They were incredibly hospitable and helped Momma write a GoFundMe to complete my treatment. FieldHaven has dedicated their time and experience and frequently checks with Momma to see how I am doing. Momma loves FieldHaven because they embody her dreams and ideals for all kitties. Their dedication and support are benefiting kitties for the better. FieldHaven has been instrumental in getting me started and has been very patient and helpful with all of Momma’s questions. By accepting my fundraiser, FieldHaven is giving me the chance to live.