By FieldHaven Feline Center

Izzy arrived from Bradshaw Animal Shelter when her brother, Riley, was found to have FIP and needed someone to give him a chance. When she got to FieldHaven, she was seemingly healthy and was just a package deal with her brother. As time went on, her foster mom started having some suspicions of her health status. Izzy was always small, with a round belly, and pretty severe diarrhea. We treated her for every parasite and worm, tried prescriptions diets, and tried multiple diarrhea medications. Nothing seemed to work.

On a hunch, her foster asked their FIP administrators what their thoughts were. They suggested bloodwork. Well, it turns out Izzy’s bloodwork had some markers for FIP as well. Luckily, she wasn’t as severe as her brother was when he came in! She began her injections and within a week she was having normal stools! Izzy and her brother Riley are the cutest little babies. They are funny, playful, and extremely cuddly (except when they receive their injection). They are extremely bonded and you will rarely see them apart! Izzy still has a ways to go but her brother who been going through this treatment for a long time now is there to help her through it!