Surviving FIP

My Cat Has or Might Have FIP! What Do I Do?

Here are the first steps to take if your veterinarian has told you your kitty has FIP or suspects their symptoms may indicate FIP.

Contact Us

Please contact our FIP Staff and Volunteers as soon as you can:

Joy Smith

Text or Call: (916) 300-8166
Email: [email protected]

Dallas Butterfield

Text: (925) 584-0980

Joy Cratty

Email: [email protected]

We recommend that all three are contacted simultaneously to ensure the fastest response.

Gather Medical Records

Ask your veterinarian for the following records and email to [email protected]:

  • All medical documentation
  • Blood panels for a Complete Blood Count (CBC) and Chemistry Panel (chem panel)
  • Close up photos of the eyes of the cat
  • 30 second video of the cat walking

This is the minimum information needed. A presumptive diagnosis of FIP can often be made with the above information. If other diagnostics are done (e.g. cytology of abdominal fluid), forward the results as soon as received. Do not wait for the results before contacting FIP Stars.


You will need to have a Facebook messenger account to be set up for a virtual chat to establish and monitor you cat’s treatment. While you are waiting for a call back, go to FieldHaven’s Facebook page and send a message to the general message box that you are waiting for a response from the FIP Stars team. This will connect us with your Facebook name so we can start the treatment chat quickly.

We are often able to start kitties on treatment the very same day.

The Next Steps

Once we connect, we’ll discuss the next steps. The basics include assembling a team to help you through the treatment process. We’ll discuss whether or not you have a veterinarian who is willing to be part of the treatment. We look forward to helping you and your cat through FIP. Let’s beat this!

See what FIP Stars has to offer

Setting Up a Wishlist

Sample wish list [PDF]