Harvey & Salem



By Dallas Butterfield

Meet Salem and Harvey! This brother and sister duo came to us from Bradshaw Animal Shelter so they could be treated for FIP on December 2, 2021. Bradshaw’s fundraising group named TEAM also sent a large donation to help with the treatment of these two babies which is incredible! It shows amazing collaboration between a municipal shelter and rescue all for the good of the animals! When they arrived, Salem was fully blind, had a huge belly, and could barely move or eat. Harvey looked seemingly normal besides his severe head tilt. In the first few days, Harvey started to improve, while Salem unfortunately did not seem to react to the medication much. After about three days of intense supportive care and love, Salem unfortunately passed away. Her FIP was so far progressed that her little body couldn’t fight anymore. She leaves behind her brother, Harvey, who is the sweetest little guy I’ve met. His head tilt is already a bit better and he has a huge appetite. He is very early on in his treatment, but his prognosis looks positive.