D.B. Cooper

By Deborah

Meet D.B. Cooper. I adopted him from FieldHaven September 24, 2021. He was 4 months old and an adorable, snuggley, and playful kitty. The first sign that there might be something wrong was when he started losing his appetite the weekend of November 12. By the following Monday evening he was so weak could barely lift his head. My vet ran blood tests and prescribed antibiotics, but he only showed slight improvement. Over the next 5 weeks he was prescribed a total of 6 different medications including eye drops for the discoloration that occurred in both his eyes. None of these treatments seem to be helping and his condition worsened. In desperation I called FieldHaven. Dallas, my contact there, said D.B. seemed to be exhibiting signs of FIP, Feline Infectious Peritonitis. After I took him back to my vet’s for another blood test, dry FIP was confirmed.

Star Stats

Diagnosis Date: December 24, 2021
FIP Type: Dry
Treatment Completion Date: April 1, 2022
Cure Date: TBD
Source: Olivehurst hoarding
Caregiver(s): Deborah Corrick
Veterinarian(s): Dr. Alex Rensing, DVM (FieldHaven Feline Center)
Status: Cured

When D.B.’s treatment first started he couldn’t jump onto the bed without falling, he had trouble lifting his head or walking in a straight line. He had lost all interest in eating. Only a few days after he started treatment he began to show miraculous signs of recovery. His appetite returned and since then D.B. has gained 2 pounds in less than a month!

D.B. isn’t even half way through his treatment for FIP and he is now have a rambunctious kitty full of life. He loves to play with his older “sister” Des and they run all over the apartment knocking over everything they can find. He loves his toys and even plays fetch with me. He hates the injections and as he gets stronger it is becoming more difficult to administer them, but he accepts a treat afterwards and soon gets over his discomfort. It is all so worth it to have D.B. back and on the path to recovery. FieldHaven has been extremely helpful, answering all my questions and giving me the support I needed to help him through this difficult disease. I think Dallas must be an angel in human disguise.