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By Madison

Our cat, Cleo, was diagnosed with FIP in October 2021.

In the beginning, we were looking to get our first kitten; in the past, we’d always gotten older rescue cats. We were searching for a Russian blue kitten because we loved their appearance and their intriguing personalities. Shortly after bringing her home, we instantly fell in love with her: she was small, beautiful, energetic, and loved being held.

Unfortunately, after a month of having her, we started to notice her right eye became blurred, and it was progressing quickly. The vet tried to treat her eye with an antibiotic ointment, but it continually got a lot worse. Within the week, her eye was getting more irritated, which turned into glaucoma with enormous pressure on her eye and plaque build-up. So much was happening at once; we couldn’t stop her eye from getting worse. After running some tests, our vet suggested that it was a possibility that she may have FIP, a fatal disease in cats. We were shocked by the news. We felt like we were losing our kitten after having her for a short amount of time. Our amazing vet told us about the FIP Warriors and the miracle drug helping many cats with this condition.

My mom and I knew that we wanted to give this kitty every chance she had, and we got started with the help of the wonderful people at FieldHaven Feline Center. Learning the treatment process and what is required is overwhelming, but the people here are extremely supportive and made it known that they are there with us every step of the way. They would constantly check in, give me tons of resources, and ask how she was doing.

The people of FieldHaven and those involved with them genuinely care about the people they’re helping. Their main goal is making sure we’re not alone and getting our kitty healthy again. Shortly after starting the injections, we started seeing so much improvement. Her eye pressure had gone down significantly, her plaque went away, she regained a lot of her vision, and most importantly, her playful and loving personality returned. We are on day 18 of the treatment, and I couldn’t be more thankful for the results and the people who helped make this happen.


“The people of FieldHaven were referred to us by our veterinarian with very high regard. Since we first engaged with FieldHaven, we felt hopeful and supported by Joy and the team. They made us feel hopeful for this little kitten whose fate was not looking very good and was difficult to accept. FieldHaven provided us with all the support and information we needed to start this process with our young kitten. They are truly a passionate and caring team, and they will do everything to help the felines who come to them. The people working here are all strong and genuine, and all have the same goals to help us and as many cats as they can. We couldn’t be more grateful for the help they have given us. Knowing they are there to help at any time, makes it easier to go through this process of giving our kitten Cleo another chance at kicking FIP.”