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By Caitlin

We adopted our two-year-old cat, Binx, on June 11, 2021. The second we had him in our arms he was safe and home. It was instant love! He was immediately chatty, and his personality was so sweet. A few days after we noticed that he started to become extremely lethargic. He was so quiet all the sudden and his nature started to change drastically.

The morning of July 1, we woke up to an almost blind cat overnight with a severe head tilt. We had taken him to the vet about four times prior to this emergency room visit. He was rushed to the emergency room and misdiagnosed with pneumonia. The antibiotics were keeping him alive, but he was not living.

Then, on the morning of September 21, Binx was extremely ataxic. Unable to use the litter on his own, stand up, or even walk. He fell over the entire time he tried to get up. The thing is…he kept trying to get up. No matter how hard he was falling. We took him back to the emergency room and received notice that there was basically no more tests, medications, or procedures that could be done for Binx. We simply needed to make him comfortable until the end of life.

Devastated, we took to social media and networking connections. After reaching out to numerous holistic vets we were understandably left empty handed. A little defeated we were unsure of where to turn to, but we knew he wanted to stay alive. He kept fighting every single day still. When we adopted him, he had a large scar from when he was hit by a car and had leg surgery. We felt that we needed to give him a fighting chance at life since he has already fought so hard. This is where FieldHaven Feline Center stepped in and helped us in the most unimaginable ways. FieldHaven took us under their wing when we needed it the most. They not only helped establish a diagnosis for Binx, which is FIP, but they guided us to an entire community that swarmed us to help. FieldHaven absolutely is living up to their mission statement, “engaging and empowering communities to ensure every cat has a safe place to live” and beyond.

Binx’s diagnosis was heartbreaking – at first. FieldHaven took us by the hand and started our journey for his treatment immediately after seeing the condition he was in. What started out as a death sentence with the diagnoses of FIP quickly became a massive movement of support from the community.

Binx is doing remarkable on his treatment plan. He dancing to his favorite song, “Dancing Queen” in the kitchen once again! He can use the litter box on his own, stand, and walk. He has not fallen over in almost two weeks. We are so happy to see our boy get better and truly start to enjoy life again. We cannot thank the community and FieldHaven enough!