By Betsy’s family

I was running a nonprofit cat rescue in Auburn when Betsy came into my life. First came a call from a cabinet shop in Citrus Heights where two newborn kittens fell out the rafters 12 feet above the cabinet floor. Kittens were brought to us by a Good Samaritan where they were bottle fed and remarkably okay. I then told the GS to take the trap back to the shop and set it for the mama who had to be somewhere in the shop. The following day, a worker lured her into the trap with a pizza crust. That was Betsy. She was a great mama to her kittens Buttons and Bruiser.

Since Betsy did not like other cats, she hated the rescue center and was subsequently taken home by me where she enjoyed being our bedroom kitty.

Betsy loved being held and loved on and had the gentlest demeanor: a true love bug except around other cats. However, every night, she would seek me out in other parts of the house to enjoy lap time. No other else was allowed near. She stole everyone’s hearts that met her, other adults, cat sitters, grandchildren, etc. We have nine other cats, all of them different, but she stayed alone away from other cats. She slept with us every night being careful not to disturb us and was the only one privileged to do that. Everyone thinks their cat is special (and they all are), but Betsy had a special way to connect. That’s why she will be missed forever. The best part of knowing her was the mutual love we had. My favorite cat, Betsy Wetsy, since I lost Mr. Dickens to FIP in 2001. Goodbye Fluffkins II.