By B.B. (as told by Jackie)

Hi. I am B.B., but you can call me “B.” – that’s what my family calls me. I love my family. They rescued me from the wild in 2011 when I was looking for food and a place to call home as a young, thin Baby Boy (that’s what B.B. stands for). I know I’m fast, at least I know I’m faster than that varmint that bit my calf a few years ago making me get surgery. My best buddy, Nicky, is a younger ragdoll kitty, who also moved in from the wild. I’ll put my arm around his shoulders and kiss on him, lull him to sleep until…”pow!”…surprise him with an awesome wrestling take down move! Nice to meet you. Gotta go now and get my favorite… “Treats, Treats!!”

Star Stats

Diagnosis Date: November 5, 2021
FIP Type: Dry
Treatment Completion Date: January 28, 2022
Cure Date: April 22, 2022
Source: Capella
Caregiver(s): Jackie
Veterinarian(s): Dr. Alex Rensing, DVM (FieldHaven Feline Center) & Dr. Niki Wolley
Status: Cured


“We are so very grateful for FieldHaven and Joy Smith, who has been extremely supportive during the very difficult time of diagnosis. Joy took us in under her wings and treated B.B. as if he was her kitty, immediately spearheading his shots, teaching us about administering the shots, as well as, getting us further support. Joy C. was also key for B.B. getting started right away on his treatment path (even persevering through technological challenges), as she went above and beyond with her compassion, time, and support. The FieldHaven kitties are so lucky to have Joy Smith, Joy C., Dallas, Delaney, and the entire staff at FieldHaven, a true blessing to all the lives they touch!”