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Buzz, a grey and white cat.


Male / Adoption fee sponsored

I’m Buzz and I just flew in from Berkeley! I’m a sweet, outgoing guy. I like to be pet and you can hear my purr of happiness several feet away. I’m the almost-perfect kitty! Sometimes, I gets overstimulated and bites. I don’t mean it, but it does happen. I would be best with experienced cat owners that know how to watch for signs that he may be getting overstimulated.

Dewey, an orange tabby.


Male / $50.00

Hi, my name is Dewey. I was brought to FieldHaven because my owners both had dementia and were not able to care for me anymore. Yes, it is a sad situation for me because I was in a loving home one day and the next day I’m no longer in my home and my people are gone. I am a sweet, quiet guy and I love to cuddle in bed.

Smokey, a long-haired black cat.


Male / $50.00

I’m the last of a colony in an industrial park. I am pettable, but shy. I’ll hide when you first come in, but if you let me smell your hand for a few, I will warm right up! I love to be scratched behind the ears and under the chin, and once you get me purring, you can bet that I will sit on your feet to keep you from leaving!