12 Saves of Christmas #10: Piper

12 Saves of Christmas #10: Piper

After 258 days Piper is officially free from FIP. That’s something to be thankful for this holiday season.

Not long ago, her diagnosis would have been a death sentence, but today, it’s not. There is a cure, a treatment, a chance.

It was Spring when we got a call from Haley, who works at Front Street Animal Shelter. She knew about our Feline Infectious Peritonitis (FIP) program and desperately needed help for a young cat in her care. We would need to transfer the cat to FieldHaven for medical care, but Haley would be her foster, so this meant two wonderful organizations working together for the greater good of lifesaving.

Piper was admitted to us that night, weighing just under four pounds. She was so compromised and sick that we didn’t want to delay her first treatment. We truly didn’t know if she would make it through the night.

Haley was familiar with FIP but had not treated any FIP cats until now. We gave her the rundown and set her up with several supplies, most importantly, the treatment—84 days of injections.* We would be in constant contact with her, available all hours of the day, and would guide her through the entire process. We were in this together.

The following morning, we talked to Haley to see how she did overnight. She had already improved! Piper was active, vocal, and excited about breakfast! It was the most alert Haley had seen Piper so far!

Over time, Piper’s symptoms began to subside. Sores on her tiny nose cleared up. Her appetite increased. She gained weight. Piper was a fighter, and thanks to the opportunities provided by our team, combined with Haley’s daily care and encouragement, Piper was getting a chance to live.

FIP is a tragic illness that affects cats, oftentimes with no warning. Up until recently, it was 100% fatal. Now, there’s a treatment, and though it’s not easy or inexpensive, it saves lives. From FieldHaven’s FIP Stars program, which offers resources to help cats get the treatment they need, to fellow advocates FIP Warriors® 5.0 and ZenByCat, there are organizations that can help and work with your veterinarian to provide the best possible outcome.

Today, 258 days Piper is officially free from FIP. Her spirits are up, her coat is shiny, and her eyes brighter. Even better, on Friday, Piper is getting adopted by a wonderful family just in time for the holiday.

Piper is a happy little girl, and we could not have done this without you. Our ability to continually study and treat for FIP is thanks to you. Please, if you can, donate today to help us with this effort. It could the reason your cat is given a second chance one day.

**FIP treatment requires 84 days of daily injections, then 84 days of observation. From there, if symptoms clear up and blood work remains consistently excellent, a cat can be cured of FIP.

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P.S. Haley shared a beautiful video of Piper’s FIP journey, which we shared on our Facebook page. Be sure to check that out to see how far this sweet little cat has really come!

P.P.S. For more information about our FIP Stars program, and to donate specifically to help us save more cats diagnosed with FIP, click here. We appreciate any and all support we can get!

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