The Day That Saved Lifetimes

The Day That Saved Lifetimes

It’s crazy how the path of my life can change with a text of just a few words. It was from volunteer Cherette MacGregor and it said “Joy C.’s kitten, Mochi, has FIP.” Those six words instantly changed the course of 2021 for me, FieldHaven, Joy C., and at least 20 cats/kittens and their owners.

Let me start from the beginning. The morning of January 2, 2021 found Scout and I visiting the home of a woman we’d been helping for several months. I received Cherette’s text just as we were leaving to go home.

That began a day and night for a completely new journey for all of us. I chronicled day one in a blog post.

Mochi survived FIP (Feline Infectious Peritonitis) and passed the milestone of being cured in June 2021.

However, our FIP journey didn’t start and end with Mochi. The following week, we learned of another FieldHaven Alumni that was diagnosed with FIP. Iris and the Wittens were family #2 who became part of our fledging FIP program. That program became FIP Stars. Through 2021, we have had over twenty cats and kittens became part of the Stars program.

As we launch into year two of FIP Stars, I still have to pinch myself at the miracle of the cure. Yes, it’s an unregulated drug obtained through a network of contacts from China, but it WORKS. Everyone knows we cat people will go to great lengths to save our tiny tigers!

Congratulations, Mochi (and Iris, Gridley, Laurel, Dakota, and so many more)!

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