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jan. Jan Elgersma
feb. Simone Matecna
mar. Brenda Laundry
apr. Bob Franks
may Dennis Finch
jun. Sandy Hamer

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Sandy Hamer

Sandy Hamer

Congratulations Sandy!!!

Here is what fellow volunteers had to say about Sandy ~

"Sandy Hamer is there anything you don't do well? The Haven is CLEAN beyond recognition on Mondays mornings, the place glows! All her powerful love for kitties that she would like to take home, (but cannot since she was a foster failure a few times, hee hee) she gives to FH in the form of mopping, endless loads of laundry, dishes, organizing, scrubbing, sweeping, and more mopping. We can't even keep up with the mops she goes thru. Sandy also does follow up calls after an adoption. This can be a challenge when people do not respond but she keeps after them, making sure the microchip is registered and kits are safe and loved after all. Sandy was also a wonderful foster mom!! Sandy it is a pure honor to work with you. You keep us revved up and positive dear one."
"Very dedicated, hardworking and full of energy, that how I would describe Sandy. She's FieldHaven's Monday Morning Dynamo! She comes in early and starts cleaning right away. Very organized she has the laundry started first thing so that every piece of it is washed, dried, folded and neatly stacked before she leaves. And she does all of it with the biggest smile you will ever see. This lady makes cleaning look like fun! Our shelter sparkles and we know the kitties like that. And when she's not at the shelter she continues to help in many other ways. She does follow up phone calls, has helped with fundraising and has been a loving foster mommy as well. We love you Sandy! "
"There is one word that comes to mind when I think of Sandy Hamer. She's FieldHaven's very own CINDERELLA!"


Dennis Finch

Dennis Finch

Congratulations Dennis!!!

Here are a few of the compliments sent in about Dennis ~

"Dennis is our Knight in Shining Armor to the rescue! He came last summer and has been cleaning, caring, repairing, transporting, and socializing at least 4 to 5 mornings a week, including Saturdays!! He has washed endless piles of litter pans, without ever a complaint. He is here early in the morning always willing to help in his quiet, steady way.

Dennis also drives our SNAP cats to the clinic on Tuesday mornings, filling his SUV with up to 25 cats a time!

Dennis, thank you for staying calm and relaxed no matter what is going on, thank you for saying yes to any task asked of you, thank you for hanging in there thru all the changes.

And most of all thank you for spending quiet time with our "Scotty" and several other kits, making sure they are loved amidst a sometimes hectic atmosphere. You are TRULY awesome. We are extremely lucky to have a Knight as part of the family. "
"Dennis walked thru the FieldHaven doors one October morning and has made the shelter his home away from home. His gentle spirit and demeanor is such a blessing to have around the cats. There is not one thing that he doesn't do to comfort them; feeding, cleaning, brushing, socializing but mostly LOVING them. He cleans litter pans, dishes, floors, cages, you name it and Dennis will make sure his kitties have it cleaned for them. Dennis always has a smile on his face and is such a joy to be around. We hope he stays with us forever!"
"The quiet contributor, that's Dennis. The list of things he does on any given day is dictated by what needs to get done. There isn't any job that he won't do. When we needed someone to drive the cats and kittens to be spayed and neutered every Tuesday he happily volunteered to do it. The nuts and bolts jobs of cleaning and feeding come first and then he spends the remainder of his time brushing, socializing and loving all the kitties here. Although we know he loves them all there is a rumor he's pretty attached to our sweet Scotty."


Bob Franks

Bob Franks

Congratulations Bob!!!

Here is what fellow volunteers had to say about Bob~

"Bob is our man at PetSmart Lincoln. He does his job humbly and really wants no recognition or thanks for his HUGE contribution acting as an Adoption Counselor. He brings many years of experience and professionalism to our organization. Thank you Bob!"
"Bob Franks is a gem, (diamond) he has been willing to be an adoption counselor for many years now. He is genuinely interested in people and cats finding solace in each other. He braves the weekend crowds at PetSmart listening to endless cat stories from proud or irresponsible pet owners, always staying positive, easy going, happy, AND professional. Bob can be counted on and is our ace in the hole when it is difficult to find adoption counselors. He is a STELLAR FH representative and keeps our group a notch above with SUPER people skills. Bob Thank-You for finding homes for our homeless!! Thank You for sticking with FH thru all the changes and challenges, focusing on finding homes no matter what the odds! We are all very grateful."
"On any given Saturday if you walk into the PetSmart in Lincoln you will see the smiling face of Bob Franks. He has been such huge asset to FieldHaven with his many years of experience as an Adoption Counselor. We are so very lucky and thankful to have someone like Bob as a FieldHaven volunteer. He walks quietly but carries a big bag of love for cats and kittens."


Brenda Laundry

Brenda Laundry

Congratulations Brenda!!!

Here are a few of the compliments sent in about Brenda ~

"Brenda will transport a FieldHaven cat anywhere, anytime! Getting them in the carrier and listening to them sometimes cry the entire way; nothing stops her in her commitment! She gets Hot Rod to her weekly boarding, takes sick cats to any vet we ask, no matter how far. She also cleans and cares for our shelter cats 2 times a week, in the evenings when everyone else wants to be home. She has been holding us together for years now. Brenda you are a very important volunteer, we are lucky, lucky, lucky to have you. "
"Brenda is honest to a fault but only with the best of intentions. She sees the good in everyone and treats everyone with respect and kindness. She has an iron clad work ethic and is so very committed to FieldHaven. I love it when she works at the shelter because I know all the kitties are in good hands."
"What's not to love about Brenda? She has a heart of GOLD and a beautiful smile to go with it. If a kitty needs something and Brenda can provide it, it's taken care of. She is Hotties' official chaperone to and from Critter Creek or Banfield and never drives through the gate without a treat for Tamera and Bracken. She has an unbelievable amount of energy and will do just about anything to help cats or people."


Simone Matecna

Simone Matecna

Congratulations Simone!!!

Here is what Simone's fellow volunteers are saying about her ~

"Simone is a sweet as can be, very kind and bubbly. She has such a wonderful, loving energy about her. She knows the ins and outs of FieldHaven and can spend a whole day at the shelter without ever needing direction. When I think of her I smile! Many people don't know this but she has also been volunteering as a "tuck in" person at PetSmart Lincoln for years. That's commitment!"
"Simone is the cat whisperer extraordinaire. Always soothing our stressed cats when they need extra comfort, singing to them, doing whatever it takes to help the displaced and frightened. She also cleans the cat rooms like a Mrs. Clean would. She is dedicated, dependable, and upbeat. Rarely having to be asked she jumps in and gets started. Always ready to jump in and help our cats no matter what the task. Wise and dependable far beyond her age. Thank you for the gift of you!!"
"I first met Simone when she worked in the trailer. She would come and volunteer during the summer when she was not at school. She impressed me as someone that was very loving, competent and self assured, I really liked that about her. But it was the way that she sang to the kitties that really made me appreciate what a kind heart she has. Now that we have the shelter she is here every opportunity she gets. When we had a group of feral teenagers last summer she spent every day with them helping them to learn to trust people. She really is an asset to our organization and an inspiration to other young people."


Jan Elgersma

Jan Elgersma

Congratulations Jan!!!

Here are a few of the compliments sent in about Jan ~

"Jan is the Cat Whisperer supreme!! When we have cats needing assessment, and or socializing Jan is our man, a self proclaimed "Old Hippy" he has been coming daily, like sunshine to give treats and love to our cats. He comforts and makes the scared, the shy, and the forgotten feel renewed, comforted, and safe at the Haven. Jan has been volunteering for at least 7 yrs now and FH would not be FH without him. THANK YOU Jan, you amaze us with your huge heart and consistency for homeless cats, you are their voice!! Keep up the good job, they need you."
"Jan is here for the cats, period. He hopes the cats think of him as just another cat. Because of this he is able to pet the cats that are shy or afraid of anyone else. Because of his gentle demeanor they all love him, of course the treats might have something to do with that."
"One of the very unique things about FieldHaven is the variety of volunteers that we have. If someone is a cat lover they will find their niche here. Jan is one of those people. He shows up EVERY weekday and brings treats to the cats. He spends time with each and every cats making sure to give a little extra attention to the shy and fearful ones. I've seen him calm a frightened kitty just with his presence. It takes a village to make us so successful and Jan is one that makes all the kitties purr."


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