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jan. Dora Ortega
feb. Benay Clark
mar. Sue Reed
apr. Kory Fink
may Diane Lamkin
jun. Julie Anderson
jul. Peri Oldham
aug. Janet Lee
sep. Camille Gray
oct. Sandy Stewart
nov. Diane Olsen
dec. Diana Jones

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Diana Jones


Diana Jones

Congratulations Diana!!!

Here is what people who nominated her had to say:

"Neither rain, nor sleet nor dark of night could keep Diane from keeping FieldHaven data delivered!"
"Extremely organized and an expert at computer systems. Most people don't realize the many, many hours of data entry that goes into the day to day operations of FieldHaven. Diana understood that and excelled at it!"
"One of the people at FieldHaven who can see the big picture of what goes in to making our shelter run so efficiently. She is amazing with understanding how computers work yet she always takes the time to ask me how I am and how my day is going."
"Cats and Computers? What do they have in common? Diana Jones.and we're so lucky to have her!"
"We sure MISS Diana at the shelter but she is now working as a completely remote volunteer from her new home in Texas. We heard a rumor that we're going to get to see her smiling face at CCC!!! We can't wait!"


Diane Olsen


Diane Olsen

Congratulations Diane!!!

Here is what you, her partners in volunteering, wrote about her:

"Diane is a GREAT foster mom, she drives the SNAP kitties to Auburn on Tuesdays, she comes in to the shelter to give medications twice a week and ALWAYS steps up to the plate when we need something extra."
"She always seems to be so focused and "on task". Very efficient and professional about her role of medicating cats. She is a great representative for FieldHaven. When you see her coming you know that the job will get done!"
"Diane Olseen works behind the scenes, quietly and confidently; giving medicine to our shelter cats on Fridays and Saturdays, making sure the shelter is secured each Sat. night. (when most people are enjoying leisure time), fostering adult cats (always more than one), and driving cats to The Animal Spay Neuter Clinic on Tuesday mornings for our SNAP program. If it is to help a cat she seems to be available at a moment's notice. She stays calm, centered and compassionate, soothing any stressful situations for our cats and humans Because of you Diane we know the Haven cats are safe on the weekends, the SNAP program can continue, and several more adult cats are rescued. You are a rare, strong soul and we are BLESSED to have you."
"Diane is always there when you need someone. Whether fostering, cleaning the shelter, transporting, or assisting at adoption venues, Diane's professionalism and kindness make Volunteering fun! Diane is one of a kind, and we are so lucky to have her as a FieldHaven volunteer!"


Sandy Stewart


Sandy Stewart

Congratulations Sandy!!!

Here are a few of the compliments that were sent in about Sandy ~

"Dependable, reliable, practical, available day or night. Whether it is cats or horses Sandy is always there when needed. She is the SNAP kitty tuck in person. Always making sure that each kitty has a warm bed and yummy snack when they arrive back at the shelter after surgery. She has been with us from the very beginning and we love her!"
"Sandy: Beautiful inside and out, Sandy transports with a smile and great efficiency. What a wonderful combination! She is willing to help out with a moment's notice, and always is willing to listen and make suggestions to help the FieldHaven cats and those being SNAPPED. She is organized and keeps track of so much.always with a kind word and willing heart. We are so lucky to have Sandy as an amazing FieldHaven volunteer! "
"Sandy Stewart has been transporting cats for FH and our SNAP program since 2005. She is reliable, professional, and always positive, no matter how many cats she has to squeeze in her car. I think her record is 24 cats, all under anesthesia and waking from surgery in her car at once. These are fragile cats after their surgery. She reunites them with their owners giving them medical instructions and puts the FH cats back in their cages or in Busters Barn for recovery. She has had to work in the dark in Busters Barn until recently, now we have a light! There is crucial paperwork she keeps track of too. She is also a huge asset during our CCC fundraiser, stacking chairs in record time or doing whatever is needed. "
"What a delight she is to work with. Her lovely smile lets you know that she has everything under control. She is a huge supporter of FieldHaven and is very instrumental in keeping our cats safe and healthy."


Camille Gray


Camille Gray

Congratulations Camille!!!

Please let Camille know how much you appreciate her the next time you are at the shelter on a Tuesday. This is what fellow volunteers wrote about Camille ~

"Camille may be tiny but she has a huge body of knowledge about the cats at the shelter. Camille comes each and every Tuesday without fail and spends half the day cleaning the shelter and checking all the kitties. She always has a smile and wonderful words of wisdom. Camille is always willing to jump in and help when we're short-handed. It is always a bright day at FieldHaven when Camille is here! "
"Fun loving, yet down to business, Camille gets it done with style! With a kind word and quick pet for the cats, she makes sure their living quarters are clean and "adoption-ready". She is willing to tackle even the least pleasant jobs to help FieldHaven run smoothly and stays focused until the last of the cleaning supplies are put away. Camille is positive and so pleasant to be round! Having her at the shelter makes it a warmer and sweeter place to be! And for sure a lot cleaner! She rocks! "
"Camille Gray has been with FH since the very beginning. I will always remember her cleaning lots of kitten diarrhea in the trailer in the early years when we kept kittens there. Nothing seems to bother her, if it's for our cats. Tirelessly and without complaint scooping litter pans or fur balls or worse. She has been caring and cleaning and shining FH with unconditional love and comfort for years. She is reliable, upbeat, easygoing, watching out for Lindy and HotRod in particular, using her homemaking skills and heart to keep FH a sanctuary for those in need."
"A little powerhouse of LOVE!"


Janet Lee


Janet Lee

Congratulations Janet!!!

Please give Janet a hug of Congratulations when you see her. Her fellow volunteers had this to say about Janet ~

"Janet is one of those people that walks quietly but carries a big stick. Over the past year she has fast tracked herself to be a Super Star volunteer. Immersing herself in all things FieldHaven, learning as much as she can, she has become an integral part of the day to day success in the new shelter. I love her smile!"
"Janet Lee came to FH last yr. when we were working out of Preston's garage and Joy's tack room, the mud, holes, and toting of laundry and litter pans and dishes did not bother her, she stuck with it and kept FH running on a daily basis. She is also an Adoption Counselor and CAT member (community assistance team) which means she works with distraught people from the public resolving their problems thus keeping cats out of shelters. Janet is fearless in her commitment doing whatever it takes to save just one."
"Her commitment to FieldHaven and every cat she can help is only surpassed by her love of her fellow volunteers."
"Janet is such a wonderful person! Full of compassion, eager to help, willing to try anything to make a difference. She is always working to educate herself so she can do even more for FieldHaven. Cleaning, staffing the phones, transporting, adoption counselor...she is invaluable and much admired! FieldHaven is so lucky to have her!"


Peri Oldham


Peri Oldham

Congratulations Peri!!!

Here are just a few things that you, her admiring co-volunteers, wrote about her!

"A volunteer since the "early days" of 2004, Peri has fulfilled nearly every role at FieldHaven from Board Member to Staff Member (Volunteer Coordinator) and including every volunteer role that I can think of. OK, so maybe she hasn't helped do any plumbing or electrical work in the old Cat Trailer. But I bet she could've done that too! Peri has been been an extraordinary volunteer in so many ways. She is the epitome of compassionate, dedicated, professional, optimistic, loving and one of the best educators I have ever met! Thank you, Peri, for all you do!"
"Peri has worked tirelessly for several years for FH. She seems to always be there for us. Animals rescue is what she is all about. She brings BRAINS, professionalism, compassion, teaching skills, and almost single handedly handles the hundreds of inquiries from the public for help, and more help. She never shows it when she is burnt out or hurt by the fact that FH cannot take in or help all these people. She is willing to do anything asked, always."
"If I were in a life or death situation (which rescue is about) I would feel safe with her by my side. Bless you Peri for helping the thousands of animals that have crossed your path."
"Peri does so much! Taking calls on the CAT line and using her wisdom and patience in working with so many who want to surrender animals or need help in other ways! She'll transport when needed, assist in the med room, and just provide support in general. She is a wonderful multi-talented woman and we are so lucky to have her as a FH volunteer!"
"Peri, what doesn't she do to help? "


Julie Anderson


Julie Anderson

Congratulations Julie!!!

Julie Anderson was also honored as Volunteer of the Year at Classics, Cats and Cabernet in June. Here is the dedication we made to Julie upon presentation of her award:

"At the first Classics, Cats and Cabernet two years ago, we started a tradition of presenting a ′Volunteer of the Year′ award during the event. With so many talented volunteers it's always difficult to select one person. Volunteers are truly what make FieldHaven function every day. They are the lifeblood of our organization. So, this award is really in honor of ALL of FieldHaven's volunteers.

This years recipient has been with FieldHaven for as long as I can remember. Like so many volunteers she brings a wealth of experience and expertise but she also brings a grand amount of compassion.

She works every day for our cause, 365 days a year. I don't think I remember her ever taking a vacation.. Maybe one of you would want to purchase one of the trips in today's auctions to pass along to her to accompany her award. But you safe because she probably wouldn't leave her babies to go.

With her soft voice and gentle nature she is a friend to every cat, from tiny kittens to the older, crotchety cats - she loves them all!

Her contributions to FieldHaven as an organization are equally as valuable as her love for all animals. Even though the majority of our work centers around compassion for animals, FieldHaven is still a business - a business of saving lives, but nonetheless a business.

This volunteer is a consummate businesswoman who brings her management skills to FieldHaven. We can truly attribute our success in the ministry of enriching the lives of the cats we care for and as a successful business to volunteers like Julie Anderson. "


Diane Lamkin


Diane Lamkin

Congratulations Diane!!!

Diane was extremely instrumental (along with Allyson Stilber) in obtaining donations for and organizing the Silent Auction at Classics, Cats and Cabernet. Since becoming a volunteer in 2009 Diane has fostered many, many cats and kittens and prepared them for their new homes and families.

As part of a family team that volunteers for FieldHaven - Diane's mother-in-law Donna Lamkin and sister-in-law Cherie Alteviers also volunteer - Diane brings a wide range of knowledge to FieldHaven with her business savvy and experience. We are delighted to announce that Diane has recently joined FieldHaven's Board of Directors.


Kory Fink


Kory Fink

Congratulations Kory!!!

Please give her a hug of Congratulations when you see her!

Kory has been volunteering at the shelter EVERY Sunday morning for many years. It doesn't matter if it's raining, swelteringly HOT or a beautiful day, Kory is there working shoulder to shoulder with Randy Frederickson. Before Randy came to FieldHaven Bruce Valencia was Kory's Sunday partner. She often brings her son Josh and her beagle Mindy who both love FieldHaven as much as she does.

When her time permits, you can also find Kory volunteering at the outreach adoption venues or other events. She always comes with a bright smile as she exudes positive energy in everything she and with everyone she talks to. We are proud to have Kory as a representative for FieldHaven!


Sue Reed


Sue Reed

We recently lost one of our FieldHaven family. Sue Reed, a volunteer for a number of years passed away on April 17th.

We wanted to put together a special tribute to Sue and who better to do it then her sister volunteers who she spent each Thursday morning with at FieldHaven.

"There were six of us who descended on Fieldhaven every Thursday morning to clean, pet, apply Frontline, etc. We all live in Sun City and really looked forward to our time with the kitties. Jen Paul refers to our group as the "Tacoristas" because we always go to Taco Bell when we're through with our duties.

On April 17th, cancer took our wonderful friend, Sue Reed. We nominated her for "Volunteer of the Month" when she became ill. She didn't get better, but here is what we wrote:

Sue Reed, our friend, was one of the quietest, most soft-spoken, gentle people we've ever known... until she got to Fieldhaven! Then there was a complete transformation and she became the "Woman in Charge"! She always let us know whose turn it was to drive to Fieldhaven (there were six of us on the Thursday morning team). She had the "enviable" task of gathering up the dirty litter pans, washing and drying them whether it was 42 degrees or over a hundred, rain or shine. When the work started on the new shelter, it was kind of chaotic but Sue was always there directing us... "Did you get the ferals done? Are the garbage cans empty? Then go get them! Did you get the dishes out of the habitat? You can let Mojo out of the garage! Make sure Hottie doesn't get out until Jann gets here! Collect all the dirty linens to take home so I can wash them! Can you back your car up so I can throw the bags of laundry in the trunk? Phyllis, did you feed Lindy? Don't forget to look at the kittens in the garage"... and so on. If we finished our duties, Sue would always find something for us to do..wash and dry the cages, hose off the floor where the litter pans were washed, or just go into the habitat and pet the kitties. It took us an hour and a half to do everything and you'd better not be just standing around or Sue would point out something else that needed to be done. She was definitely the glue that kept us all together and she was THE BEST. We will miss you, our friend. " --From the five "Tacoristas" - Mary Emmett, Phyllis Bly, Mitcie Gardner, Lise Douglas and Sandee Kaul.
"I personally experienced Sue's thoughtfulness when unknown to me, she e-mailed all of the neighbors on one street asking if any one of them could help me move a large and heavy piece of furniture out to the garage. One of the neighbors did call me and got it done. This is just one small insight into Sue's many caring ways." -- Mitcie Gardner
"When I think of Sue I think of Kindness, Thoughtfulness, Caring, Humility, Humor, Hard-working, Loving and a very good friend " -- Sandee Kaul
"Sue was many things besides being a dedicated volunteer at Fieldhaven:
  • The "mover/shaker" in her neighborhood
  • New to the neighborhood welcoming person
  • Sue was there to help with anything
  • Organized several social get-togethers so neighbors got to know each other
  • If you were sick, she was there for you
" -- Phyllis Bly
"When I passed by with my "blue wheelbarrow" behind the cat trailer, where Sue usually was cleaning litter pans on Thursday mornings, a beautiful, smiling, and cheerful gal greeted me. She always exclaimed what a beautiful day it was, and how wonderful it was to be outside in the beautiful country, whether it was raining, cold, or sweltering hot. She pointedly wanted to know how I was doing, diverting attention away from herself. When I thanked her for all her hard work, she said it was no big deal, that everyone did so much and she loved helping out. She was involved in other volunteer activities, always jumping in to help at FieldHaven. What a great organizer-yes she kept the Tacoristas jumping, no slacking allowed! This humble lady alluded a beautiful aura with whoever she came in contact with. I would like to join in celebrating her life by nominating her for Volunteer of the month." -- Jann Flanagan
Benay Clark
Benay and Simba


Benay Clark

Congratulations Benay!!!

Please give her a hug of Congratulations when you see her!

Here are a few examples of what people wrote about Benay:

"Is there anything she can't do? Caring for the cats, fostering, cleaning at the venues, Adoption Counselor/Assistant, painting, driving cats to PetSmart and painting our logo on the office wall!" "She does everything. I see her always helping in any way she can with the cats, making coffee, or in the shelter. She is a great volunteer."
"Not seen by most of our FieldHaven organization, Benay Clark works many hours on whatever needs to be done at the Haven. No job is to small or too large for her." "She does it all! Isn't she a Foster Failure too?"
"Benay has been helping with everything from cleaning poop boxes (which by the way makes her gag and she will still do it!) to making beautiful horse blankets with the FH logo on them, covering chairs, doing paperwork, writing thank you letters, scrubbing, working her tail off for the kitties. I love her !! "
Dora Ortega


Dora Ortega

Congratulations Dora!!!

The next time you see Dora please congratulate her on being recognized as someone making a HUGE difference!

These are the nice things that people said about Dora:

"Dora does it all. Traps 'em, takes care of 'em, fosters them, adopts them out, and everything in between. Go, Dora! " "No matter where I go, she's there! Volunteering! What a find, how lucky FieldHaven is to have this wonderful girl representing our organization at our outreach venues and at the shelter. "
"Dora is a very hands-on volunteer. She not only took it upon herself to care for and spay/neuter 18 cats before coming to FH, but she continues to step up when and where a need arises. You will find Dora cleaning kennels, trapping ferals, taking food to those within the community who need it, fostering, counseling at PetSmart and PetCo venues, etc. She always has a smile on her face and asks "Is there anything else I can do?" She is a positive individual, loves cats/kitties and promotes FH at all times. This is a great way to show her our appreciation to her dedication." "This girl does it all...happily, smiling...she is such a great ambassador for FieldHaven! She counsels, traps, cleans, transports, SNAPS...the list goes on. Plus, she is just an amazing and wonderful person who deserves recognition. I LOVE her!!! "
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