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feb. Johanna Meinking

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Johanna Meinking


Johanna Meinking

Congratulations Johanna!!!

For those that may not know Johanna, she is our Outreach Coordinator, Adoption Counselor, wonderful Foster Mom, and Give-a-Day Disney Coordinator (you have Johanna to thank for the wonderful new beds that we have been seeing at the shelter, PetSmart, and at Petco)! She is such a special woman. She will go out of her way to help where ever she is needed. She has so much energy and wonderful ideas that it has been a pleasure to know Johanna and to have her be a part of FieldHaven. Please join us in giving her a hug and a warm THANK YOU!!

Mike Hayes


Mike Hayes

Congratulations Mike!!!

Mike has been with us since December 15, 2007. Since that time he has become the handy man of the Shabby Tabby Inn. Mike Hayes brings so many skills to FieldHaven. He helps Shelter Manager Jen Paul nearly everyday just keeping the business of saving lives running as smoothly as possible. He capably handles just about anything that is thrown his way whether it's a sick cat or making sure our fire extinguishers are up to code. We can always count on Mike to be there for the kitties and he's great with people.

Last year Mike got married and he brought his new bride, Gail, to FieldHaven. We think that's a great idea for recruiting new volunteers! Thanks for coming up with that idea Mike!

These are the nice things that people said about Mike:

"Nearly every time I go to the trailer, Mike is there trying to take care of the "Honey Do" list and emergency needs. He helps keep SNAP day running smoothly and usually arrives before anyone else. Is there anything he can't do???? I don't think so. He is truly FieldHaven's Handyman! ! ! How many men would willingly spend their days with women telling them what to do? What a guy! ! !" "Mike is so faithful with his "can do" willingness to do whatever we ask him, and we ask a lot. He arrives sooo early on SNAP days and is often still there late in the afternoon. I see him helping out at most functions and outreach events. And every cat at the trailer has felt his tender touch and kiss. Mike, you top the list with the best. Thank you."
"Mike has been with us for some time now and I want him to know how special he is to FieldHaven. He is the all around handyman and go to guy around the shelter. He helps Jen tremendously and never says no when asked to help out." "Recognition for Mike is long overdue. He is a dedicated volunteer who helps out with SNAP on Tuesdays and helps Jen at the trailer. He can fix just about anything and is a whiz on the computer too. He's always willing and able to help when asked and has a special place in his heart for the kitties."
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