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mar. Susie Mason
apr. Lorraine Davis
may Patrick Duffy
jun. Diane Hilbert
jul. Charla Winnett
aug. Frank & Maureen Moss
sep. Diane Cochran
oct. Carol Bates
nov. Nancy Kuhlman
dec. Jared Hill

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Jared Hill and Austin


Jared Hill

Congratulations Jared!!!

Jared Hill loves all the FieldHaven kitties but has a special soft spot for our more "challenged" kids. These hard-to-adopt kitties may be here at FieldHaven for a long time until their special home comes along but they are all well-loved by everyone, especially Jared. He comes bearing treats and toys and lots of special kisses and pats.

Jared is our biographer for some of our sponsored kitties. Hot Rod his is favorite (although he wouldn't admit to having a favorite) and he provides great stories about her travels for her sponsors each month, as well as being Hot Rod's personal Blog-ographer (See Hot Rod's Blog).

Jared is also game to volunteer wherever he is needed - at PetSmart, at the Cat Trailer - we put out a plea for help and Jared is there! Jared has the most calming influence on some of us AAA personalities! He never gets flustered even when things are at their craziest. He just takes a deep breath and speaks softly. The kitties love him for this. I think Jared can teach us all something about how not to sweat the small stuff - and it's all small stuff, right Jared?

Please join us in giving Jared a huge hug when you see him to tell him THANK YOU!

These are just a few things that people say about our dear Jared.

"Jared is always there to support the "under cat". He takes the time to sit and talk to all of the cats that he comes in to contact with. He has a big heart and he is always there with a smile." "Jared is always there with a gentle smile and fun laughter. He keeps us all informed on the happenings of all the "special" cats of FieldHaven."
"Jared has the softest heart with some of the special needs kitties and truly connects with them. He is also cheering for the "undercat", Darby, Red, Lindy, HotRod - all the kitties that are so hard to adopt. Jared is the Sponsor Program biographer for HotRod. Maureen incorporates Jared's journal into her letter to sponsor's each month. I have heard wonderful feedback from sponsors on how much they enjoy the letters."
Nancy Kuhlman


Nancy Kuhlman

Congratulations Nancy!!!

Nancy Kuhlman is our "get it done" gal! Reliable, prompt, professional, thorough are just a few words I can think of to describe Nancy. She has been volunteering with FieldHaven since 2007 and has taken on a number of jobs. Using her medical and veterinary background, Nancy helps to maintain our FieldHaven kitties' medical records and ensuring the documentation is complete and each cat or kitten has their vaccines and other important information recorded in our database.

Nancy also runs our "Courtesy Listing" program where people needing to rehome a kitty can list the kitty on the FieldHaven adoptables web page (including PetFinder) and arranges for our PetSmart and Petco coordinators to provide space in our adoption centers for these kitties to be showcased. And, as if that's not enough, Nancy also does adoption counseling and fostering. Wow! What a super-woman! We love you Nancy. Thank you for volunteering with FieldHaven!

Here are a few things that have been said about Nancy:

"Nancy is such a huge support to FieldHaven. She is a Foster Mom, Adoption Counselor, and pro Pooper Scooper! We have been blessed to have her become a part of our family."
"Nancy wears many hats, she's an adoption counselor and a foster mom but she also holds 2 very important positions at FieldHaven. She is a medical record specialist, making sure each adoptable cat's records are up to date and in order. Nancy also manages the Courtesy Listings on the FieldHaven website where the public can post adoptable cats and kittens. Nancy has a great attitude about everything she does - she's a delight to have around!""
Carol Bates


Carol Bates

Congratulations Carol!!!

Please join us in congratulating Carol Bates as the October Volunteer of the Month!

Carol Bates is a sweet, compassionate and wise woman with amazing "Energizer Bunny" energy. She can be seen at PetSmart in Lincoln or at Petco in Rocklin setting up for the weeks adoptions, talking to prospective adopters, calling people back who have sent in an adoption survey, or at FieldHaven picking up cats to transport.

Here are a few things that have been said about our beautiful Carol:

"She deals with difficult or challenging adoptions, is always supportive and positive, and is professional in every interaction. I adore working with her and think she is a huge asset to FieldHaven!" "Carol has taken on so many projects I can't keep up with them all. I see her everywhere doing everything. She keeps us up to date on the computer with what is going on at PetSmart and PetCo. Her soft, sweet voice is soothing to us and the kitties. Carol is a GREAT part of our FieldHaven Family and we love you, Carol."
"100% dedicated to our cause. Day or night, here or there. Whatever needs to be done. A shear joy to work with. Always happy and fun to be around, and the kitties like her too!" "She just never says "no." Whenever I go away, she steps right up to handle incoming adoption applications. I don't think there's a day that goes by without her doing some type of volunteer work for FieldHaven. She's the best!"

Please give her a big HUG and pat on the back when you see her and tell her THANK YOU for being October's Volunteer of the Month!!

Diane Cochran


Diane Cochran

Congratulations Diane!!!

Diane Cochran brings so many talents to FieldHaven. This self-professed "dog person" sure has found a spot in her heart for the feral kitties ever since she began volunteering 2 ½ years ago. Diane came on board as a FieldHaven volunteer when she met her neighbor Diane Hilbert (Miss June) and got involved with helping in the Operation Amoruso Project. She trapped her first kitty for TNR and was hooked!

How many ways does Diane volunteer? Well, let me begin the list; trapping feral cats, writing our e-newsletters, tracking TNR project statistics, fostering kittens, helping write manuals and documentation, adoption counseling including helping place Rodent Raiders, always participating in fundraisers, recovering feral kitties in her newly built Cochran Cattery, providing input on our website, transporting, database projects, helping create flyers and other marketing materials, educating people about TNR..have I forgotten anything?.

Diane does all this while keeping up her own little ranch and working a full-time++ job. She has a true passion for whatever she does and we are grateful that FieldHaven is one of Diane's passions. Thank you Diane for being part of our family!

Here's what FieldHaven Friends and Volunteers who nominated Diane said about her:

"Diane has a heart of gold. She has built a "cattery" at her house to accommodate the overflow from FieldHaven. Whether it's trapping, socializing or cleaning out cages Diane attacks each project with an equal amount of love and devotion. Volunteers like Diane are one in a million. She's great at brainstorming, is a computer whiz, helps with multiple projects and spends hours at the computer. We love you, Diane!" "Does she know what "NO" means? I don't think so. She is always there when we need a helping hand or a loving heart. The kittens know they are loved when they are at her home/cattery. When she doesn't know what to do, she knows where to find the info. and help. With her help, the TNR Team has trapped over 250 feral cats. THANK YOU, DIANE."
"She does, and keeps on going. She is a True Volunteer!" "I just know Diane to be one of the "pillars of FieldHaven." Always involved, totally committed."
"I met Diane soon after becoming a FieldHaven volunteer, working some days at PetSmart with her. She mentioned working with ferals, being a foster mom. Only over time and from others did I learn how involved she is with keeping the feral population controlled with her trapping/spaying/neutering efforts. She doesn't do it for the glory, she does it for the cats. Just imagine how many little lives she's saved by doing this. We think "kitten season" is busy now - just imagine what it would be like without the Dianes!"

Frank and Maureen Moss


Frank & Maureen Moss

Congratulations Frank & Maureen!!!

This warm, lovely couple jumped in with all 4 feet when they started volunteering for FieldHaven in 2008. Like so many new volunteers, when Frank and Maureen started volunteering they weren't exactly sure how they wanted to donate their time and skills but they knew FieldHaven was the cause they wanted to wholeheartedly support. They started out by attending every volunteer training, meetings, social events and basically learned all they could about the organization. Now, Frank and Maureen have become so involved with FieldHaven that they now even work "remotely" when they are up at their vacation home in the Sierras! Some of the areas Frank and Maureen volunteer include:

  • Adoption counseling
  • Screening potential adopters who submit online adoption surveys
  • Fundraising events
  • Fostering kittens (including being a "foster failure")
  • Transporting animals
  • Answering calls for "help"

Additionally, Maureen has taken the lead in administering FieldHaven's sanctuary cat sponsorship program.

Frank and Maureen can be the poster children for how a happily retired couple can enjoy time together while giving back to their community!

Here's what some of you have said about Frank and Maureen:

"I receive the most wonderful letters from Maureen, and pictures of my sponsor kitty Hot Rod. Maureen has done an excellent job putting the sponsor program together, and she is very talented at letter-writing too." "When Maureen takes on a volunteer role or task she commits herself to and take the time to learn everything she can about that role. She is wonderful with our customers and never gets flustered. She always remains calm and cool. And, Frank, is pretty cool, too! What a great couple they are!"
"Maureen is very dedicated and also a true pleasure to work with. She is focused on the welfare of the kitties and is willing to extend herself for whatever she can do to help them. She is incredibly responsive, uses great judgment, and can always be counted on if she commits to something. I love working with Maureen!" "Maureen and Frank are always there to lend a helping hand no matter what the cause. They both help with PetSmart and Petco adoptions, transporting and picks up kitties when needed, Maureen writes the sponsor news letter, answers the adoption surveys, and always does so with a smile on her face."



Charla Winnett

Congratulations Charla!!!

Charla has been volunteering for FieldHaven for several years as a foster mom. Charla is one of those "behind the scenes" types who prefers to stay out of the limelight (we could barely get her to come to a dinner where we wanted to give her this award!). But visible or not, Charla's role at FieldHaven is crucial. Her fostering capabilities are unmatched. No kitten is too young or too sick for Charla to take on. I love working with Charla - she's always so flexible, calm, cool and collected. Charla brings a lot skill and talent to FieldHaven and has been with us every step of the way as we've grown the foster program from an informal group of people helping to raise kittens to the respected, well-run facet of FieldHaven that it is today.

"Charla is just a gem. She has been a top notch foster mom...well...forever!!! She is also a wonderful woman who I am proud to call one of my closest friends. I absolutely adore her and can't imagine what FH would do without her." "Always available. Kitten pick up. Medical assistance. Petsmart Laundry. Full time-multi litter foster mom. Emergency errands. She even cooks and bakes... Long time volunteer. Never wants kudos. And a very sweet lady."
"Charla is loving and compassionate and gives special attention to each kitten, lovingly letting them go to another foster home when it's time for them to move on so she can take in another litter." "Charla has been a fantastic foster mom and volunteer for many years. She is dedicated to feline rescue and supporting FieldHaven."

Diane Hilbert


Diane Hilbert

Congratulations Diane!!!

Diane has been volunteering at FieldHaven for about 2 years now. Joy first met Diane at a Lincoln MAC meeting where she gave a talk about SNAP. Diane lives in a West Lincoln community that had a terrible feral cat problem. Thus was the beginning of the Amoruso Project. After Diane coordinated that project to completion she kept going and going and going.

Like the energizer bunny Diane is coordinating TNR projects all over Lincoln with her TNR Teammates. Diane is extremely professional in her approach to property owners, business owners, city officials or whomever she must speak to about stray/feral cats and the successful concept of TNR. She has convinced many people to TNR. People who would otherwise shift the responsibility of unowned cats in their yard, barn or parking lot to animal control most of whom would be euthanized just because they are feral.

Read the story of Beau, a blind cat found abandoned at the landfill in Lincoln who is now in a loving home. Because of Diane's efforts FieldHaven has a cooperative agreement with the management to trap and rehome any cats found abandoned at the dump.

Diane doesn't save just one cat at a time, she saves dozens! Thank you Diane - you are truly a Gold Standard for a FieldHaven volunteer!!

Here's what you all had to say about Diane when you nominated her for Volunteer of the Month:

"Diane is such an inspiration! She comes charging through no matter what the case and will not leave a cat behind on her TNR shift! She is always there to greet you with a warm smile and a compassionate hug." "She is like the mailman. No sleet, snow, rain or 100 degree weather stops her. Hip high garbage at the dump? No problem for Diane. She always gets her cat."
"Diane is my hero. She has an enormous heart when it comes to TNR. She loves the cats and I've seen her trap for hours and days until that last kitty is safe and on its way to FieldHaven for spay and neuter. Trapping is only one part of what Diane does at FieldHaven. She is heavily involved in volunteering and she is a shining example to us all." "Diane is the most dedicated TRN volunteer I've ever seen. This month, her undying efforts to trap small kittens that wouldn't  trip  the traps was amazing! On two occasions, she literally sat for over 8 hours straight, no food or potty breaks, with a string on the trigger watching those traps to spring them as soon as the little guys went in."

Patrick Duffy


Patrick Duffy

Congratulations Patrick!!!

Patrick has been volunteering at FieldHaven for about 4 years. A friend who was volunteering with her son convinced Patrick to come along one day while she helped out at the Cat Trailer. He's been part of the FieldHaven family ever since! We all love Patrick for his constant smile and positive attitude. He pitches in where ever he sees a need with his can-do attitude whether it's fixing a computer, helping someone select a kitty or foster a litter of kittens - even bottle-feeding.

My most favorite story that really shows Patrick's personality is when his foster kitties turned on the water in the bathroom sink while Patrick was at work. The water ran all day, the sink over-flowed and flooded his house. Patrick came to FieldHaven that evening with his kittens. When I asked him if we needed to find a new foster home for them he said, "Oh no, I'll come back for them tomorrow. I just don't have anyplace dry to keep them tonight." That's Patrick! Nothing flusters Patrick - or keeps him from his fosters!

"Patrick doesn't know the word ′no′ when it comes to helping out at FieldHaven. He will take on any task with a smile, a wonderful attitude and always a hug for the kitties." "Patrick is involved in so many aspects at Field Haven. He will drop whatever he is doing to come give a hand when needed. He always has a chipper attitude and is fun to work with. Basically, Patrick is ′The Bomb′."
"He always helps with whatever needs to be done. He lives in Sacramento and drives here several times a week. He is an awesome adoption counselor. He can counsel at Petco, Petsmart and the shelter, not to mention he is a full time foster dad."

Lorraine Davis


Lorraine Davis

Congratulations Lorraine!!!

Lorraine began volunteering with FieldHaven about 6 years ago when a stray cat showed up near her home in Sun City Lincoln Hills. That was Lorraine's first experience with a "feral" cat. She got some trophy bite wounds during her quest to trap and secure Lucky but that didn't discourage Lorraine. She found her true calling during that experience. Lucky turned out to not be feral but just a rather belligerent intact male who just didn't want to give us his territory. Once he was neutered he changed his ways and found a great home.

By then Lorraine was off and running in her quest to TNR. She is part of our TNR team and you will find the back of her SUV stocked with everything an experienced TNR'er needs from (thick) gloves to traps.

"She does so much and just keeps on going not matter what. She has such compassion for all kitties and people. She is there if you really need her and her TNR efforts are to be commended." "Lorraine will laugh with you and cry with you. My life is better, because Lorraine is in it! We love you Lorraine."
"She never leaves a kitty in need. She spends HOURS and HOURS until she gets it in the trap and on its way to FieldHaven for special care and a possible new home. She is always available when help is needed." "I just LOVE her accent."

Susie Mason


Susie Mason

Congratulations Susie!!!

Susie has been volunteering at FieldHaven for 4 or 5 years now. She has been a foster mom, helped out with outreach events and assisting at the trailer with office-type duties. But it was last fall when Susie found her true calling at FieldHaven - CAT (Community/Cat Assistance Team)!!

Susie handles the CAT line 6 days a week. And she does it most excellently. No longer do phone messages sit in voice mail for several days before someone picks them up. Susie checks voice mail several times a day and returns calls immediately. Even if the call is to be directed to someone else she calls the person to let them know we're very busy and may not be able to get back to them right away - so please be patient. If she doesn't know how to answer a particular question she gets in touch with the "expert" to learn the answer then calls the person back. Susie also contacts Lincoln residents who have posted "free" cats on Craigs List and encourages them to use SNAP to get them spayed/neutered before placing in a new home and about our courtesy listing service. She'll also coordinate with Penny if we have foster homes available. Susie networks amongst other rescues, shelters and other resources to get the best information and help to all callers even if they're calling from far away.

Susie has a fabulous sense of humor, is very professional and compassionate - a perfect blend of talents for CAT.

"Please join me in congratulating Susie! You are a blessing girl!!"
-- Joy Smith
"You have single handedly saved tons of cats' lives. Thank you so much."
-- Jen Paul
"Stress free fostering! Thats our Susie. She just gets out her chair and whip and tames the little monsters ;-) Thank you for joining the fostering family!"

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